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  1. shotgun..willy

    Jack Pyke

    Have been looking at the jack pyke bib and brace ,dungaree looking thing was just wondering if anybody else has use this item I would be wearing it for pigeon shooting and ferreting. Thanks in advance for and comments
  2. shotgun..willy


    Time has come for a new mode of transporting fishing tackle/pigeon shooting gear etc, I was just wondering what you guys use is it the single wheel at the front or three wheel tri-porter beasts
  3. shotgun..willy


    When do you guys bring them in or stop using them always feel like I'm hanging it to long (My traps)
  4. shotgun..willy

    Lure Fishing /spinning

    Thank for the comments chaps I was some of the lads I fish with for pike in the winter we all normally move onto the carp for the summer I'm just not ready yet
  5. shotgun..willy

    Lure Fishing /spinning

    I live in the Cambridgeshire fens so have plenty of drains all around me
  6. shotgun..willy

    Lure Fishing /spinning

    Just wondered what people's opinion is in lure fishing or spinning in the summer I normally only get out for a couple of hours at a time becaus of family commitments, so I quick chuck with the lure is easyest but sometimes frowned upon .
  7. shotgun..willy

    Trappers Hammer

    Thank you for the replies guys cheers anyway John b I'm using a brick hammer now it's pretty good to be honest
  8. shotgun..willy

    Trappers Hammer

    are they on the website
  9. shotgun..willy

    Trappers Hammer

    I was just wondering what you lads use I've been trying to find a nice wooden handled one for some time
  10. shotgun..willy

    Garden Hedge

    I am going to plant a hedge around some of the garden as a screen really to stop the local riff raff looking in on my ferrets and sheds I was wondering if anybody knows anything about hedges I'm looking for something that will grow around seven feet tall but with a non invasive root and not to thin that they will be able to see through
  11. shotgun..willy

    Alt-Bergs And Lowas

    Cheers for the info Iv got a pair of altbergs defenders they are good straight from the box
  12. shotgun..willy

    Alt-Bergs And Lowas

    The lowas I like are £160 and the altbergs I like are £100 are the lowas worth the extra £60
  13. shotgun..willy

    Alt-Bergs And Lowas

    Iv been reading through the many reviews on boots on the market and it looks like I'll be getting one of makes above the only problem being is nobody near me stocks them Would you lads say trying a pair on first is the way to go or will they ok out of the box if I order them online.
  14. shotgun..willy


    Has anybody tried boots from ridgeline just seen a pair for under £100
  15. shotgun..willy

    Ferret Court

    All finished move them in at the weekend when the wife is out of her mood about it