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  1. When had bull x feed em sheep heads raw keep teeth clean stronger jaw an feet
  2. Not a cross you hear or see of maybe reason for it ? , run beddy greyhound myself this x suit me will be putting same way bred dog back to her mate
  3. Seen two spaniel x greyhound one was pet on garden centre l was doing work on loads of rabbits about dog got one or two a day put outside owner home , other one was no good as running dog just hunted up nose never of floor pal had dog on trail was sent back
  4. He had very good noses in cover he opened up when on but soon as broke cover yapping stopped he mark rabbits up tail to left fox was always to right an if Brock was home tail up in air , when bitch was killed he was never the same just gave up most hunting did when he felt like it lived his days out on sofa he earned his place
  5. old ted gone now but for little dog he was game hunted up marked up went to ground bushed like a terrier , handy dog on rock piles for bolts , hit anything day or night not hard dog but never let go , had beddy greyhound bitch ran both together day time hunting she was very good fox dog hunted up like a hound she was killed on road , don't half miss them two dogs both , Rip blue an ted
  6. not something I have used but have seen vids with dogs running with on maybe get you over season an get vet remove in summer
  7. Good nets got some at 7f an 8f double pegged , good luck with lining mate
  8. Some call bolting dogs failed terriers I call them dogs for jobs , this was good place held a lot of time lost building train station there now
  9. Pal old bitch no digging dog but rock she was good at very good at finding an if did not bolt she come out after hour or so drop back in get bolt , she bolt from earths to an been dug hand full of time but if deep just sit back as she be out an back in her mother was a better dog lost in rock same rock she worked 9 season in , it was very deep place but held most weeks
  10. A lot of rock piles been tuck over old Brock living in them now or building on spots can't get on to try , a good bolting dog what can shift em from the rock worth it's weight in gold
  11. Both look nice types do like look of black dog very nice pal
  12. My pals bitch is old now don't get about as good don't think she be worked in rock now , my choc bitch not make it just pup on now , pal Russel not rock type , I'd say are rock piles days are coming to an end pal
  13. My old beddy greyhound bitch could hunt up fox an deer for fun she could hunt like a hound she had some nose on her , she was killed on road still miss her I'd say she best dog I've had , RIP blue
  14. Be hard finding one this time of year good luck hope one comes up for you pal
  15. Thanks will give man a call
  16. Anyone in west yorkshire make terrier box or have one for sale
  17. Could of sold a choc terrier bitch for £1200 an was in season not made the grade but did the right thing an could of done with the cash as needed new moto I'd not see a dog be used to pump pups out
  18. Paying silly money for a pup that may not make the grade not for me pal
  19. That's the down fall of working dog's people paying big money I'd not pay no more the £200 for a pup an I still think that's a lot , when take litter from my bitch pups be free 5 pups spoken for good working home feed back an stud or pup back in time means more then pocket full of cash an I don't have a pot to piss in
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