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  1. DWTC Show Reminder tomorrows show is being run in adherence to current covid guidelines. Rings have been set up to promote social distancing. Please have your own gels wipes to maintain hand hygiene also please bin and take your rubbish with you. Anyone only coming to race please arrive around half three. Hoping for decent weather see you then.
  2. Racing at DWTC. Under21inch Gary Farmer perpetual shield. Under 23inch Gary Farmer perpetual shield. AP Canine transport hairy dog perpetual shield . An over 25inch race will be available if there are enough entries. All above winners receive presentation coats also. The gain greyhound race for retired dogs . Whippet race and bullcross. Terrier race. All above are subject to the numbers entered. The committee decide on grading of all the race dogs their decisions are final. I would like to thank all sponsors. Admission to show is £5 f
  3. STATEMENT. The tablets found in a dogs cage at the lurcher racing at the game fair have been found to be propriety pain killers. They apparently were offered to a dog wrapped up in a digestive biscuit [not meat as had been reported]I It would appear the dog did not take any. We obviously deplore the actions of person trying ti administer tablets to any dog at the fair or indeed at any event but we are at a loss to understand what the person taking this action hoped to achieve as arguably the contents of the tablets could have enhanced rather than adversely affected the perf
  4. I would like to thank all that supported this show particulary those who travelled a long distance. The turnout was incredible and the standard of working dogs in all breeds was exceptional.Well done to all the winners as standard was very high in all breeds.Iwould like to thank my support team of which i could not do without.Thanks to the Heak family and Margaret for her report and all the great photos she took on day. Thanks to all the judges that give up there time to judge,lurchers Jonny Wilson terriers R Crilly Whippets Michael Mcgrath. We all look forward to next year.
  5. Autism show tomorrow,The gates will be open from 10 in morning and the show will start sharp at 12.Racing will be after showing. Hopefully we will get decent weather and a good crowd. Refreshments will be available at the venue and anyone wishing to donate to the raffle will be greatly appreciated. See you all tomorrow.
  6. Thanks appleblossom show tomorrow includes a full whippet ring. Any runners in the master mcgrath are not eligible to run in any other races. Any runners in mick the millar the same rule applies, we have a racing comittee in place to grade all the entries. hopefully we will have a good day and plenty of sunshine. Anyone with a perpetual trophy to bring back we would be very grateful hope to see you tomorrow.
  7. race classes. 1 all lurcher pups 2bull cross 3 master mc grath 4 mick the millar 5 under 23 inch 6 over 23 inch 7 rough and traditional type lurcher 8 whippet race 9 terreir race all races are subject to fullfilment of entries. no dog can be guaranteed racing at this event.
  8. classes for the combined club show. lurchers. 1 lurcher pups whippet pup separate 2 smooth under 23 inch. 3 smooth over 23. 4 bull cross. 5 rough over and over 23 inch. 6 collie class, 7 working class. 8 whippet dog. 9 whippet bitch. 10 lamping terrier classes 1 terrier pups 2 lakeland dog or bitch. 3 patterdale dog or bitch 4 russell dog or bitch 5 working dog or bitch 6 plummer terrier 7 crossbred. strong dog classes 1 any type strong dog pup 2 staff dog and bitch 3
  9. Following the Combined Clubs’ Charity Show on the 3 September2017 a total of £530 was raised in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society, a very worthy cause. We would like to thank everyone who attended and contributed to the raffle. A big thank you to Mackin Transport, Albert Titterington, Jeff and Basil from Nutts, Omagh for their ongoing support of these charity events. Thank you to all the clubs that helped on the day – DWTC, Tullylish WTC, Armagh WTC, Drumbo Whippet Club, Tyrone WTC, their help and support was much appreciated. Thanks also to the Armagh WTC who sponsored a perpetual shie
  10. i would like to thank Albert for his donation,also Mackin transport. these are the classes we will have on sunday. 1 terrier pups 2lakeland dog or bitch 3 patterdale dog or bitch 4 smooth russell dog or bitch 5 rough russell dog or bitch 6 all crossbred dog or bitch 7 working class. 8 borders 1 lurcher pups dog or bitch 2whippet dog or bitch 3 smooth under 23 inch 4 smooth over 23 inch 5rough under 23 inch 6 rough over 23 inch 7 bull cross dog or bitch 7 collie cross 8 hare class 9fox class 10 lamping class 11 whippet dog 12 whippet bitch strong dogs 1 all
  11. the combined clubs will be doing this annual charity show. location Annaghmore race track Derrycoose road Annaghmore/ Showing for lurchers terriers and strong dogs. starts at 1pm sunday 3rd of september. I will put full classes up later in week.
  12. Many thanks to everyone who attended the DWTC Show on Sunday 14 May. Weather prevailed and the sportsmanship and camaraderie of the hunting fraternity was exemplary, which added to the relaxed atmosphere. Hope you all enjoyed the day and look forward to Apple Blossom’s report. Huge thanks to the Judges, Stewards and everyone who helped on the day in any way, especially Patricia who was drafted in at late notice on the burgers!! Special thanks to AJ Titterington and the Great Game Fairs of Ireland for their continued sponsorship and support – it is very much appreciated. Lastly a
  13. DWTC Strong Dog, Terrier, Lurcher and Whippet Show Sunday 14 May 2017 Heak's Model Farm 7 Drumiller Lane Scarva BT63 6BR Showing to commence at 1.00 pm sharp Usual classes. Due to demand an any variety Hound class has been added. Anyone with a Champion trophy from last year please return on or before the day. Racing will follow after the show. Qualifiers for Master McGrath, Mick the Millar and the Five Nations Racing Committee's decision will be final Show will also include the Northern Ireland Weight Pulling Championship Refreshments will be ava
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