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  1. phill loyds right, cant go wrong with cheap stuff fancy one of those barber jackets to replace my b&q one(great for cold days) , they aint cheap so its added to the wanted list lol
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHW-RDJOJTo&list=UUNCYgMsUroKqQ-dGce5StFg&feature=c4-overview good night
  3. all the these bulgarians and romainians coming over and stealing the poles jobs, no good!

  4. dont drink on skool nights lol
  5. haha, i know how much some thl posters like the snp
  6. maybe our areas are different mate, i can see it happening, hope to f**k it does.. all countrys that left uk/brittish empire havnt looked back.. we will hoefully be another, and hopefully not the last
  7. scot, alot of people kicking up shit up your way at the moment with the risky fracing that uk has been pushing through with deals for councils etc, public are fighting/donating against.. are you a supporter or against?
  8. only delivered to there mate the snp have been pro indy since day one right, so after a few years they got a majority, surly the scottish people knew they would push for independence before they voted?
  9. So, Sturgeon knows best eh? You seem to think every word that comes from her or Salmond's lips is gospel.. They've been found out and proved as liars (which you have failed to even acknowledge every time its been brought up..) yet you post here every time they come out with a snippet.. Honestly, they are making themselves look more pathetic with every peice of bitter rhetoric they spew, talking about being bullied when anyone says something they don't want to hear etc.. I honestly think the more they carry on like that the more harm they're going to do their cause.. Chucking your toys out of the pram in a temper ain't exactly the best image to portray.. that copy and paste was from the FT not snp lets wait and see what osborne says mate, everyone was reporting saying it will be a no, lets see There is a quote from Sturgeon in it, is there not? ..and you changed it as I was posting, there was two separate quote boxes on your original post.. all from the same source, the FT
  10. are you coming up here on the 14th wilfy? ive got a copy here for you
  11. np mate http://www.snp.org/ http://www.labourforindy.com/ http://www.scottishgreens.org.uk/ http://www.scottishsocialistparty.org/ not sure if i forgot any other party, they all back it snp are in power at moment why? they done a good job then won majority in a parliment that was supposed to be designed so no one party could (wonder why).. say what you will, the proof is in the puding, they got the majority on merit. scottish people thought the done a job and would continue to do so
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