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  1. Jekyll

    Seasons started

    Yeah I’ve got the carophyll but will wait til chicks have fledged
  2. Jekyll

    Seasons started

    They carry the gene but haven’t colour fed
  3. Jekyll

    Aviary ideas

    Looking for ideas for a small outdoor flight area attached to shed with a small indoor space inside shed to house around 6-8 birds, any photos for ideas would be great. Thanks
  4. Jekyll

    Seasons started

    Crazy how they develop so quickly
  5. Jekyll

    Seasons started

    Was thinking about this.. there in a proper nest pan now, she laid first egg in the feeder so left her to it just gave nesting material but chick out grew very quickly transferred to a pan on Friday.. double breeder is a on the cards just got to sort the shed thanks atb
  6. Jekyll

    Seasons started

    Only recently got into birds and have a pair of canaries, hen sat on 4 eggs didn’t really expect all to hatch but all have 2 weeks old now and cocks feeding them all well
  7. Jekyll

    Bull cross pups

    Clear your inbox mate
  8. Jekyll

    Red Factor

    Looking for a cock close to Dorset as possible
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  10. Jekyll

    Patterdale Terrier

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    1 Black dog 1 choc bitch docked and chipped From workers Southwest


  11. Jekyll

    Pups out of troy

    Really nice these
  12. Jekyll

    7 Month Old Now

    Any news how that bitch you had Obi is doing now? Atb jek
  13. Jekyll

    Saluki Bull Grey

    How’s he getting on blacky?
  14. Jekyll

    RIP Tegan

    R.i.p Tegan atb jek
  15. odd few won’t do any harm as long as weathers right, forget running with older dog does more harm than good imo.