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  3. Took mine back today after seeing the plr500 last night.. for the money the light force didn’t really preform well at all, the colour of light made it difficult to follow and that halo ring couldn’t get on with
  4. foxpack does your have a halo type ring around the spot?
  5. Few reviews on YouTube Ozzie did a couple that sold me
  6. Just got one last week not yet use it.. got the white/red version just compared it to the other led and a lot tighter beam housing is adjustable, not as bright white either.
  7. Hope yours pulls through, a very similar thing happened to a bitch of mine afew years ago.. atb Jek
  8. After a very poor season last year due to a back injury hopefully will get better luck this season. Been out a couple times this week as the weather and grounds is abit more favourable albeit warm still. Edi still has got a fair way to go to get a level of fitness back for decent night, but hopefully won’t be long. Atb have a good season everyone!
  9. Yeah I’ve got the carophyll but will wait til chicks have fledged
  10. They carry the gene but haven’t colour fed
  11. Looking for ideas for a small outdoor flight area attached to shed with a small indoor space inside shed to house around 6-8 birds, any photos for ideas would be great. Thanks
  12. Crazy how they develop so quickly
  13. Was thinking about this.. there in a proper nest pan now, she laid first egg in the feeder so left her to it just gave nesting material but chick out grew very quickly transferred to a pan on Friday.. double breeder is a on the cards just got to sort the shed thanks atb
  14. Only recently got into birds and have a pair of canaries, hen sat on 4 eggs didn’t really expect all to hatch but all have 2 weeks old now and cocks feeding them all well
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