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  1. Has anyone heard about a forecoming Netflix film about Daves life and his work breeding the true deerhound? Or did i have my leg pulled?
  2. Would have a grew in a heart beat... but no seems to bred them.. or advertise them..
  3. shouldn't waste your time mate... it will be made up anyway
  4. cheers helpful didn't think of that.... thought they were members on here
  5. How do you view there products? I'm after a leather double gun dog slip lead. Thanks
  6. has black dog trading closed down?? Can't find it online anymore
  7. Forgot to add that.. she's bull grey whip
  8. Been on the look out since the start of lockdown as thought its perfect time to spend starting a new one, didn't seem like there was much about at all. Finally found something bred the way I wanted and got her last Friday, cracking little thing bright as a button very pleased with her. Named her Arya.
  9. Hi buddy, What size did this bitch make?
  10. View Advert Bellman and flint SOLD Not much use, all working correctly. paypal payment. £260 posted Advertiser Jekyll Date 18/12/19 Price £260.00 Category Miscellaneous  
  11. Took mine back today after seeing the plr500 last night.. for the money the light force didn’t really preform well at all, the colour of light made it difficult to follow and that halo ring couldn’t get on with
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