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  1. As above can someone know monkey pmd him a few times just after some things off him again any help appreciated he may just be busy atb biza
  2. Same happened to me I bred a litter years back and my brother had one as a pet she supposed to have snapped at his daughter has she was playing with dogs ears anyway she was two and half when I had her back off him she self entered and was the best bitch I've ever owned very reliable and lived to good age I never got the snapping at his kid has she was the most laid back dog you would ever get terriers I've got now all run back to that bitch and same blood like said if its in them its in them no getting away from it atb biza
  3. This been a good read and some cracking dogs seen a few bull x whippets and to be fair most been decent and can punch above there weight but you have to know where the line is your self other wise f**k em up atb biza
  4. Deerhound greyhound collie x whippet grey nice pup either way atb with him biza
  5. Went an bought a couple last night thanks any way folks and happy hunting atb biza
  6. I know a bit of long shot been after a couple for a couple of week want them for work but know kids will handling them regularly as well so will be working pets. Hopefully a couple will come up sooner or later will just keep looking thanks any way atb biza
  7. As above am after a couple ferrets good home waiting and will be kept if anyone can help me out or point me in the right direction of anyone derby Burton on Trent area if can if not will travel atb biza
  8. Anyone got a ferret after one for my self and my lad.will be going to good home derby area if possible thanks b
  9. Has anyone got instructions for this please
  10. Old dog there but been a good dog over the years still comes mooching and for shine good old jazz
  11. when sorted price out let know really interested in having one of these atb bh
  12. thanks for the replies but sorted now atb bh
  13. aint that right and the ones that are in the right crowd were poachers there selves they forget that c**ts wont give you time of day now in case they get seen talking to the local poacher atb bh and good poaching
  14. yes mate its the main line from outside they have pulled out of the junction box inside the house as it comes through the wall will try what seeker has said again atb bh
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