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  1. budgie123

    Knockerbox v mrk3 m

    The MK3 does seem to use batteries quicker than the mk1. I use rechargeable 9v batteries as I seemed to go through batteries really quickly. In respect to your comment jok that's a lot of locaters to cover the area a mk3 would do with 1 but each to there own. I have spoken to numerous people who hate the mk3 and just don't rate them and have given them away.
  2. budgie123

    New spot

    That sounds a good day. Were any in young. We finished yesterday catching 2 young and all does in young. Finished with 17 from anew spot.
  3. budgie123

    Knockerbox v mrk3 m

    I changed to the mk3 some years ago and would never go back. Yes it takes a while to get used to the functions on the mk3 but it is a fantastic finder. The search facility is an improvement on the mk1 making it quicker to locate the ferret. The Mk3 does not suffer from interference as you used to get with the mk1 around wire fences. Personally I find the after sales service provided by Deben excellent.
  4. budgie123


    Hi caravan monster my dog lamped with no issues until one night he missed a rabbit with possibly 10 others in the beam which had happened before but this night he just lost his head and went totally deaf to whistle or voice. I tried retracing all the training but most of that involved having a lead or long line which the dog new and he behaved. As soon as there was no lead or long line he defied all commands. I was advised to use the whistle as soon as he did not respond use the shock collar instantly repeat the whistle and with 2 uses of the collar the problem stopped and he reverted back to obeying the whistle every time. The dog was a 1st cross bedi greyhound and not particularly head strong. As already said after 2/3 years the same issue reoccurred but I only used the collar once and problem stopped. Every dog will have a level of tolerance and finding the level to gain a reaction and break the dogs focus is required. None of this frying the dog. If you go on u tube and search forced retrieve there is some excellent American videos of professional trainers using collars and they explain things really well a lot better than I can. I am not sure where all the political debate went about banning the collars but pac are still selling them. I have had my unit for over 10 years with little issues and the customer service from them to resolve or repair problems has been second to none. With the attitude you have and obvious commitment to the dog I am sure you will get there good luck.
  5. budgie123


    Hi what cross is the dog you are having the problem with. My mate who I go ferreting with who is an excellent dog trainer has faced a real challenge with his first season collie bred lurcher. It has a natural curiosity with sheep due to the collie blood just wanting to herd them. In respect to the age of your dog it is not old enough to have reached the finished point of fully stock broken and will not for some time. As the dog get older and sees work it will change and when the blood is running what was on appearances a stock broken dog can quickly change something I have seen first hand. You are coming to the ideal time to get on top of this issue with lambs on the scene shortly and with the permission of the farmer take the dog to sheep with lamps and it will get taught a lesson by the ewes but strictly supervise this to prevent damage to the dog. This is something we do with every dog if possible. We have had dogs which have despite all this preparation have chased sheep when I have said the blood is running and in this situation in conjunction and under the supervision of the farmer we take the dog to a ram. One particular dog who was a night mare was cured in one single visit but you must supervise this or the dog can be permanently damaged the size of rams being incredible and as said all with supervision of the farmer. My mate overdid it a lot of years ago with a particularly bad sheep chaser but it killed its spirit and it stopped chasing anything sheep or rabbit. In respect to the shock collar they have a role to play in certain situations and if used correctly and with compassion none of this frying a dog rubbish are an excellent tool and you would be surprised how many professional dog trainers use them. I had an issue with a lamping dog which just lost recall suddenly when missing a rabbit and hunted up. I tried everything to remedy this with no success. I spoke to numerous professional dog trainers who all advised the shock collar because it was the only way to gain remote control of the dog in this type of situation. I followed the advice to the letter they gave after purchasing a pac remote collar and in 5 minutes the dog was back to returning to the whistle as soon as the lamp was put out. I used the shock twice the kit cost me over £250 but it was money well spent. The dog lost it again 2 years later repeat process shocked once then 3 years before any problems. They are an excellent device but get a bad name due to all this talk of frying a dog. If you watch Ceaser Milan the American dog trainer training pit bulls to avoid rattle snakes with a shock collar something which is life threatening you will see the value and again used with compasiion. Persevere mate and you will get there but I think one of the main issues is the age of your dog.
  6. budgie123

    Working Whippets

    Does anyone know of any whippet litters around the Yorkshire area.
  7. Really nice stamp of a dog. Do you know how the parents were bred. Were they both 1st crosses.
  8. budgie123

    Yorkshire Raw Feed

    Jay Jays at Askern are really good for all raw meat supplies. I have bought from them with no problems with anything. Really good selection of products and nice people to deal with.
  9. budgie123

    Spun Polyester Suppliers

    Hi where is the best place to buy spun polyester.
  10. budgie123

    Mk3 collar batteries

    I would advice purchasing the hearing aid battery tester which you can test the collar batteries with. Available on ebay. It is a rayovac tester. I used to do as you change them every so often but with the tester check them when required. So simple to use. I saw it on a utube video.
  11. Due to the new industry guidelines and CRRU we have gone down the non toxic monitoring on all contracts something we possibly did even before CRRU. We have also looked towards break back traps in AF bait stations and the success of these has raised some question. Looking back over possibly 4 years I cannot ever remember a single contract where non toxic indicator blocks have shown any rat activity despite people on site reporting visible rat activity not even from young rats. All bait stations being Protecta LP bait stations. Due to reports of rat activity I have replaced LP bait stations on a number of sites with AF baits stations with traps in them and virtually straight away I have started picking up rats where historically going back a significant number of years we have never seen any takes in LP bait stations on non toxic indicator blocks. There is an obvious difference with AF baits stations and Protecta LP baits with the AF having a straight through passage for rats. Is this making them more readily acceptable to rats entering them. The issue cannot be neophobia as the Protecta LP bait stations have been permanently sited for years on the contracts. Are there palatability issues with Non Toxic Indicator Blocks with rats. Mice don't appear to have an issues eating them. What are other people seeing with non toxic indicator blocks on contracts? On reactive domestic external rat treatments we deploy LP bait stations with contrac blocks and see rat activity again pointing to unpalatability of the non toxic blocks. One of the drivers for us to use traps in boxes comes from a conversation a colleague had with a pest control technician on a training course. The technician reporting that he used only traps in boxes external on all his contracts and how successful they were. Something initially I was sceptical about but I have been amazed at their effectiveness.
  12. Hi does anyone know anybody who repairs Mk 1 ferret finders or makes collars for them.
  13. budgie123

    Ex forestry vehicle auctions

    I looked at some ex forestry ford rangers they had certainly seen some work at a local garage he had an agent who sourced them at auction. He reported a good number chassis wise were too far gone. It is my understanding after speaking to a forestry commission manager involved in vehicle dispersal they all go to auction you cannot buy direct.
  14. budgie123

    Land owner permission

    On some private estates tenant farmers have the right to give permission for control of rabbits whether it is keepered or not and we have gained permission in such situations It usually isn't long before you come across the keeper and at times this has led to further permission it is a trust issue and they will keep an eye on you. We have also approached keepers and gained permission that way also. On pheasant shooting land you will always struggle to get permission in the shooting season for fear of disturbance of the birds. After the season has finished there is very little time before they have started breeding if any. At times keepers seem to get bad mouthed by our experience particularly with grouse moor keepers has been fantastic. Just keep trying go with a clean motor smartly dressed and you will get there.
  15. budgie123

    Ferret boxes

    Have a look a boxes from gone2ground they are excellent boxes.