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  1. budgie123

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Bill this is the first time I have ever seen information about where the rillington bedlingtons went. Neil Beacon was from Chasetown and he did have an issue with parvo a lad near me was one of the unfortunate ones. There was a lot of talk about the working ability of the pups Neil Bred and that they were poor quality. My mate has one and I have been out for seasons with this dog and it has been an excellent rabbiting dog. We ferreted a large bank of heather on a grouse moor one day which you couldn't net and we just followed the dog ferreting everything he marked he took 35 rabbits that day. There was talk about them being num headed but my mates dog was highly biddable but he is an excellent dog trainer and always gets a lot out of his dogs. In respect to Neil I take people as I find them and he was a nice fellow and the litter of pups I saw when my mate got his was an excellent litter well reared and a credit to him. My current first cross was bred from a Granitor Joker Bred Bedlington with a pedigree going back generations but the dog was a pet. Workers were in the pedigree. The litter has produced good honest workers. 1 went to a professional rabbit controller in Scotland and it was reported he was delighted with the dog. A second went to a lad in the north east and his was taking everything with it. My dog is coming up 5 now with 3 full seasons on him. He has been an excellent rabbiting dog. He is 22 inch to the shoulder and 19 1/2 kg in weight.
  2. budgie123

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    A lot of people putting strong words on here seem to missing the point here that this lad may have located a pure Bedlington Stud dog which is possibly related to dogs from one of the best working strains there has ever been. Producing a litter of first cross Bedlington's out of such a dog if it is genuine it is virtually guaranteed they will be workers. The variables when producing 1st Crosses are so few and every dog I have seen which is genuine first cross will be about 22 inch to the shoulder bitches possibly a little smaller and like peas in a pod. Will they all work big quarry no because that's where the variable comes in in respect to the type of Bedlington used but they will work rabbits. Variations in coat quality come through from the Bedlington. In respect all the talk about breeding worker to worker this gives no guarantee. It may increase the chances of having a decent dog but from personal experience is no guarantee.In respect to some breeding's the melting pot of breeds thrown in throws up far too many variables within any litter. When you look on sites such a pre loved my heart sinks with the number of lurchers being sold I doubt if pups from the breeding being proposed will end up on such a site irrespective of the negative input being posted. Have a good and injury free season everyone.
  3. budgie123

    Rabbit Fever on Ebay

    Thanks lads now sorted.
  4. budgie123

    Rabbit Fever on Ebay

    Thank you.
  5. budgie123

    Rabbit Fever on Ebay

    Hi does anyone have a contact number for rabbit fever who advertises on ebay from Selby. I am having problems contacting them through ebay with no response to emails. Thanks martin.
  6. budgie123

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    Neil Beacon from Staffs no longer breeds Bedlington Crosses he got into trouble with his local council and there was some bad press on here about dogs. I can only speak for what I saw when my mate got his dog. The Bedlington stud dog was a superb stamp strong and an excellent coat. The litter I saw were superb well cared for and a credit to the man. Like already said the dog my mate has is as good a first cross as I have ever seen robust and a coat I have not seen on any other first cross. Nobody seems to know where the bedlingtons went but they were genuine rillington bred. The most important issue in this breed is the Bedlington and the versatility, toughness and tractability make them such a versatile cross. Another issue when you live around other people is having a dog which kennels well. The first one I had lived to 13 and 1/2 and I never in all them years heard him bark and my current one is 5 this year and I have never heard him bark and my mates have been all the same.
  7. budgie123

    Bedlington x Greyhound

    The secret to this cross is without doubt the quality of the Bedlington used. If the dog you are talking about is a genuine rillington bred dog then you could be onto a winner. My mate bred a litter out of newcombes blue when George was still alive and every dog out of the litter were exceptional workers taking all quarry and my mates was also highly trained. Lads who got pups out of this litter were coming back for years to try and get another. In respect to your comments about the greyhound my major concern would be the line of breeding of the greyhound in respect to soundness and lack of long term injuries within that line of breeding not just the dog you are using. A friend much more knowledgeable than me about greyhounds only ever uses a certain line of greyhounds for breeding lurchers in respect to throwing dogs which are sound. His words the line is tough as old boots. Your comments about it being a fighter so throwing a gamer dog are irrelevant if the Bedlington is genuine rillington bred dog the pups will be game. Neil Beacon is the only person who I have come across who had genuine rillington Bedlington's they were a superb stamp of Bedlington with my mate having a dog out of his breeding. It has been a good rabbiting dog with it being the best constructed and coated genuine first cross I have ever seen. I have seen a lot of talk on here about rillington bedlingtons but nobody seems to know where they went when George Died. In respect to size of genuine first cross bedlingtons 22 inch seems to be about standard for the ones I have had and also my mates. Even the dog he had out of newcombes blue which was tall for a Bedlington was only 22 inch his one of Neil Beacon was 22 inch one from hearbreak fell kennels he had was 22 inch one I had from heartbreak fell kennels was 22 inch and my current dog bread out of a Gutchcommon bred dog with genuine pedigree is 22 inch all dogs. My current dog is an excellent rabbiting dog and both dogs have been superb dogs to live with but not as good a coat as the Neil Bacon dog. The marking and scenting of my current dog is excellent with dozens and dozens of rabbits have gone into the bag due to this. Some of the lines and takes he has done across the moor we ferret on unseen rabbits amazes me. Also we ferret some massive sets and when you think it is cleared and you turn round and see him marking single holes which deliver more to the bag happens every time out. I don't work any other quarry but a litter brother to mine took all quarry with a lad in the north east again only 22 inch. If the breeding of the Bedlington can be verified you will be inundated with pup request there has been loads of people on here looking for genuine first cross Belington Greyhounds year after year with no success as the Bedlington gene pool is so small today unfortunately. So many litters advertised when you look deeper into them are not genuine first cross and I would question anything that was over 23 inch as being first cross. Good luck with this and I look forward to seeing your pictures of the Bedlington. ALTB Martin.
  8. budgie123

    hectic 1st day of the season

    They look good rabbits cracking first day. What size has the bedi cross made looks a handy sort.
  9. budgie123

    JBS Longnets

    Has anyone used the quick set net from this company. If so how do you rate the nets.
  10. budgie123

    Air Arms TX200 HK MK3

    View Advert Air Arms TX200 HK MK3 Air Arms TX 200 HC MK 3 with a Hawke Air Max SR 12 Scope in as new condition totally unmarked beech stock. Shot less than 20 Pellets. .177 Advertiser budgie123 Date 20/08/19 Price £400.00 Category Airguns  
  11. budgie123

    Air Arms TX200 HK MK3


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    Air Arms TX 200 HC MK 3 with a Hawke Air Max SR 12 Scope in as new condition totally unmarked beech stock. Shot less than 20 Pellets. .177


  12. budgie123

    Knockerbox v mrk3 m

    The MK3 does seem to use batteries quicker than the mk1. I use rechargeable 9v batteries as I seemed to go through batteries really quickly. In respect to your comment jok that's a lot of locaters to cover the area a mk3 would do with 1 but each to there own. I have spoken to numerous people who hate the mk3 and just don't rate them and have given them away.
  13. budgie123

    New spot

    That sounds a good day. Were any in young. We finished yesterday catching 2 young and all does in young. Finished with 17 from anew spot.
  14. budgie123

    Knockerbox v mrk3 m

    I changed to the mk3 some years ago and would never go back. Yes it takes a while to get used to the functions on the mk3 but it is a fantastic finder. The search facility is an improvement on the mk1 making it quicker to locate the ferret. The Mk3 does not suffer from interference as you used to get with the mk1 around wire fences. Personally I find the after sales service provided by Deben excellent.
  15. budgie123


    Hi caravan monster my dog lamped with no issues until one night he missed a rabbit with possibly 10 others in the beam which had happened before but this night he just lost his head and went totally deaf to whistle or voice. I tried retracing all the training but most of that involved having a lead or long line which the dog new and he behaved. As soon as there was no lead or long line he defied all commands. I was advised to use the whistle as soon as he did not respond use the shock collar instantly repeat the whistle and with 2 uses of the collar the problem stopped and he reverted back to obeying the whistle every time. The dog was a 1st cross bedi greyhound and not particularly head strong. As already said after 2/3 years the same issue reoccurred but I only used the collar once and problem stopped. Every dog will have a level of tolerance and finding the level to gain a reaction and break the dogs focus is required. None of this frying the dog. If you go on u tube and search forced retrieve there is some excellent American videos of professional trainers using collars and they explain things really well a lot better than I can. I am not sure where all the political debate went about banning the collars but pac are still selling them. I have had my unit for over 10 years with little issues and the customer service from them to resolve or repair problems has been second to none. With the attitude you have and obvious commitment to the dog I am sure you will get there good luck.