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  1. This is an increasing problem I see quite regularly. Holes most commonly where the top hinges are when bins are place tight to walls or fences as if the rat some how find access to this area and chew through. Also some as this one where rat looks to have been trapped in and has chewed out.
  2. On a lot of contracts we now use AF Atom bait stations with snap e rat traps in them no bait on the trap. These have delivered an exceptional catch rate which is in some respects is difficult to understand. They are a bait station with all the issues of neophobia as a standard LP bait station with bait but they are so more effective. On a number of contracts where LP bait stations never showed anything but mice activity within weeks of substituting them for AF Atom bait stations with traps I started catching rats. There must be something with the straight throw access of the AF atoms which are far more acceptable to a rat than the LP type bait station.
  3. View Advert Lurcher/Greyhound and Hare Bronze Sculpture. A Bronze Greyhound/Lurcher and Hare on a Granite/Quartz base. 17 inch long x 7 inch high x 5 inch wide. Advertiser budgie123 Date 02/11/19 Price £75.00 Category Miscellaneous  
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    A Bronze Greyhound/Lurcher and Hare on a Granite/Quartz base. 17 inch long x 7 inch high x 5 inch wide.


  5. The first image is my mates First cross Bedlington Greyhound bred by Neil Beacon the most robust and best coated first cross I have ever seen. It is an excellent dog. The second is my current first cross bred in Workington not as good coat as my mates but also an excellent rabbiting dog. My mate is now bringing on a line bred collie dog which in its second season is now showing promise. By his own admission he was disappointed with the collie cross last year but it looks like it is just taking time to mature and it is a different dog this year. Bedlington first crosses which is the only percentage cross I have seen are a totally different dog in respect to starting work. The ones I have been around all being dogs seem to be sorted the first season with such a high prey drive but also very biddable. Kennelling is such a positive for me personally living around people with the first cross Bedlington greyhound. I had Heart Break Dog(Granitor Joker Lines) put down at just short of 14 and I never heard him bark ever and my current dog is 5 and he is the same. My mate is an excellent dog trainer but by his own admission he has had to be more forgiving with the Collie Cross it being much more sensitive just the nature of a Collie. It has surprised me watching the Collie Cross mature the time it has taken but I am sure it is going to make a good rabbiting dog it is just slow to mature.
  6. Hi I can assure you not all local Authority Pest Control Staff lack the knowledge or experience to investigate drainage systems to determine points of entry. The other issue is what is your goal when attending a rodent problem. We have always strived to find the route cause not just lay rodenticide with no investigation into points of entry. We have a drainage camera and we spend a significant amount of time each year investigating drainage systems to determine where the issue is and we also work very closely with Yorkshire Water on joint investigations where there is the potential for a fault to be on their assets. What you have found is very straight forward and plainly obvious to see from somebody who has knowledge and experience. Unfortunately there is a lot more complex issues which we regularly investigate. There is good and bad in every industry.
  7. We started ferreting on the 28th of September on a moor in the Yorkshire Dales where we have been for the last 4 years roughly starting around the same time. When we arrived on the day there were rabbits across the paddocks we were in as far as the eye could see bucking and this continued all day. We caught 3 young as big as your hand and some of the does were in milk. We have never seen this before despite other years being warmer when we have started than this year. We were there yesterday and a wildlife photographer reported a farmer on an nearby moor to us has been shooting rabbits due to excessive damage and over half he is shooting are in milk. We saw a couple of hand size young yesterday but no young caught or does in milk.
  8. Hi beany01 sorry to seem thick but what do you mean by lint its a term I haven't heard before and why the softer lint is a benefit. Also binding agent what is this and why is it used on nets.
  9. Nice Bitch what size has she made.
  10. Have a look at Advanced Netting Supplies they do 4z 6z and 8z and the nets seem really good value. Some commercial long net suppliers use their nets. I have a brinded nets in 4z and 6z both have provided excellent service and I have not seen any difference in catch rate with either. Not sure on mesh size. The 4z has worn much quicker and needed repairing much more. Burnt heather on the moor we ferret is an absolute nightmare when picking up the net.
  11. View Advert Tracer 170 Lamp and 12v 22AH Lithium Battery For sale Tracer Lamp and 12 v 22AH Battery. Everything in excellent condition and working order used approximately 6 times. Used for lamping large quarry but now only work rabbits so no longer any use for this lamp. Advertiser budgie123 Date 13/10/19 Price £175.00 Category Other Fieldsports Equipment  

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    For sale Tracer Lamp and 12 v 22AH Battery. Everything in excellent condition and working order used approximately 6 times. Used for lamping large quarry but now only work rabbits so no longer any use for this lamp.


    Great North Road Micklefield Leeds, West yorkshire

  13. Can any one recommend a supplier for Mk3 Ferret Finder and Collars. Is £84 now the standard price for a collar.
  14. In respect to being contradictory the bitch is 6 months old currently and will be thoroughly tested for 2 to 3 years before being bred from and it is a Bedlington bred bitch. The breeding may never take place bearing in mind the age of my mates dog. My current dog is coming up 5 years and if the bitch is bred from it will coincide with when I will be looking for another dog. Obviously this is all pie in the sky currently and 3 years is a long time away when you are getting older who knows where you will be in 3 years. What will be the availability of genuine first crosses in 3 years time obviously with decreasing gene pool more difficult. In respect to dogs of yester year are lot of this thread has been about dogs of yesteryear and peoples life experiences which has made this thread for me very interesting and some cracking photos. I would be greatfull poxon if you could post my previous post where I mentioned my mates dog starting taking stock. I have participated in threads on remedies to stock worrying but never mentioned my mates dog. In respect to being a purist I am not really sure what you mean or what relevance it has. I appreciate all breeds with my mate now having a collie bred dog which is shaping up to be a nice dog in its second year. He has chosen to go down that route to try something different his choice. If a dog can do what an owner requires what does it matter what breeding is. I have no hidden agenda certainly not to promoting any future breeding just participating in one of the best threads I have seen for a long time with a diverse spectrum of views which are exactly that personal views and experiences about Bedlington breeding. Keep Posting.
  15. Through discussion I have had numerous times with my mate we both think the 1st Cross is the finished article and breeding on what real benefits would be delivered. Would there be any improvement in the working ability we fail to see where for what we do. My mate had a dog in the eighties bred from George Newcombes Blue and evey single dog in the litter was top notch dogs taking all quarry including anything with teeth but the intelligence and tractability of them was also truly top class. They were bred on with a litter of 3/4 crosses close to my mate. Every dog was dead by 3 years old quite a number from road traffic accidents because the level of tractability was poor. My mate went back to George to breed another litter out of Blue but it would no longer stand to bitches. The breeding on in this case delivery very little but obviously other people will have differing views. A lad in Cumbria is coming ferreting with us and he may breed from the dog if his bitch makes the grade and I will possibly look at these if he breeds.
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