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  1. View Advert Kennel Dog Boxes. kennel Dog Boxes. Galvanised Steel Box Section Frames with Timber Sides. Bottom and top fix together with 4 screws. Hole in the top is for a heat lamp. Measurements 1200mm high x 600mm wide x 800mm long. Step to front 300mm wide. Bottom section 500mm high x 600mm wide x 800mm long. 2 available will sell separately. Located LS25 4AQ. Advertiser budgie123 Date 03/09/20 Price £30.00 Category Kennels & Equipment  

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    kennel Dog Boxes. Galvanised Steel Box Section Frames with Timber Sides. Bottom and top fix together with 4 screws. Hole in the top is for a heat lamp. Measurements 1200mm high x 600mm wide x 800mm long. Step to front 300mm wide. Bottom section 500mm high x 600mm wide x 800mm long. 2 available will sell separately. Located LS25 4AQ.


    Great North Road Micklefield Leeds, West yorkshire - GB

  3. Hi looking for 2 Hob ferrets Albino preferred if possible Yorkshire Area. Contact 07713329853.
  4. Would anyone know a current contact number for Neil the number I have is no longer recognised just wanting some information about the breeding of a dog. Please PM any contact information.
  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    A number of Lurcher, Ferret and Trapping Books for Sale. Prefer to sell as a job lot.


  6. View Advert Fiels Sports Books A number of Lurcher, Ferret and Trapping Books for Sale. Prefer to sell as a job lot. Advertiser budgie123 Date 03/06/20 Price £30.00 Category Miscellaneous  
  7. What are the makes and sizes of mincers people are using for whole rabbits.
  8. First wasp nest today. Just the queen no workers but they were only about a week from emerging. Wood wasp with nest in a garden shed. Another queen was chewing timber on another shed in the garden. High numbers of queens around the area.
  9. I work for a Local Authority and we never seem to have many problems with product supply but we do collect most orders. What impresses me the most is the all round service we get not just product supply. We are registered with their waste scheme which runs seamlessly. Their Technical Department also provide excellent support on insect identification and treatment difficulties at no charge. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience which is shared feely. There training is also excellent and they strive to deliver relevant courses and keep everyone up to date with the raft of changes the industry is facing. Personally I found Murry Anderson one of the most engaging trainers I have ever come across and he would answer any question asked. It was a sad day when he retired but Mathew has taken up the mantel and I find him an excellent and engaging trainer and again will take time to answer any question. I think the criticism Pirate fails to see the wider picture and services they provide there far more than just a supplier of products.
  10. Go back to pg7 and the posting on Bedlington greyhounds is there 7th post down. I paid £200 just over 5 years ago.
  11. They are both dogs I have had another dog and my mate has had 2 and they were all round 22 inches. Good luck with your breeding it sounds like you will be onto a winner with the Bedlington. The litters I have seen have all been very even with bitches just slightly smaller but like peas in a pod. There was another post just search Bedlington greyhound which got a lot of response an information not too long ago.
  12. Both dogs pictured are 1st crosses 22 inch to the shoulder and are good rabbiting dogs. Do you have a picture of the Bedlington used or any information about its breeding. Is it a genuine pure Bedlington.
  13. Hi from your description you are indicating the issue is in your kennels. I am a Pest Control officer and regularly undertake flea treatments. Understanding the flea life cycle is important so you use products to cover the various life stages. Not wanting to appear a clever shit but a flea lays an egg from which the larvae emerges time taken to emerge is temperature related the cooler the temperature the longer it takes. The larvae feed for a period of time and then pupate again temperature and available food source related. They pupate and emerge as the flea after a period which is governed by temperature. This is what you will be seeing as you describe they go for a period and then return. The period of development in a cold kennel will be possibly as much as a month. To be able to reproduce fleas need the blood of the host animal so are species specific but can feed of us and non host blood and survive. Talk of fleas from other species of animals such as rabbits and hedgehogs is not feasible in my opinion as said they need blood from their host to be able to reproduce. No insecticide products are capable of killing the pupae stage but physical methods such as steam can. Because of the life stages you need to use a residual(long lasting insecticide) in conjunction with things like insecticidal smoke generator(smoke bombs) as they float on air flow for roughly 2hrs killing anything they contact settle and are gone. Do not breath this in or allow the dog to. They have no residual activity. The residual insecticide will remain active on surfaces and kill fleas as they emerge from the pupae stage Products you use can be a risk to your dogs particularly water based or liquid insecticide.Do not allow the dog onto sprayed surface until fully dry or the dog can lick the insecticide from the paws and ingest it. Also in a kennel environment the conditions in respect to dirt will impact on the efficacy( ability to work effectively) of any insecticide and residual activity. The fleas particularly the larvae stage will have crawled into cracks and crevices. There is a product called diatamatious earth which is a powder based on microscopic pieces of silica dust in a chalk carrier which is non insecticidal and kills insects by rubbing away the outer skin of the insect which dies from desiccation. This posses no risk to you dogs and can be brushed into cracks and crevices. Because it is physical method of control there is no resistance to it. Treating the dog with a flea product in theory treats the whole environment as the fleas have to come onto the dog to feed to be able to reproduce so at some stage will contact the treatment. Fleas do not live permanently on the dog. I come across so many people who despite using a number of products still have a problem and you have to question is there resistance. But on the flip side I visit a cattery where the owner continues to achieve 100% success with frontline and insists the majority of the problems are relating to poor application. Her words it is a 2 man job to apply effectively. When I first started pest control we did one application of water based insecticide on the carpets with no call backs. 14 years later and it seems impossible to resolve domestic cat or dog flea problems in one visit despite using a water based insecticide and apply a ULV treatment which is basically a insecticidal fog produced by an electric machine same as a smoke bomb. I also come across customers who have spent considerable sums of money on products trying to deal with it themselves. When properties have a lot of hard flooring it is a particular challenge with the water based insecticides struggling to gain control on hard surfaces. We rotate insecticides due to talk of resistance but available products is limited and is shrinking due to new directives. From training vacuuming has the potential to crash number by up to 80%. Washing dog bedding at 60 degrees kills all life stages. Tumble drying items on the hot cycle for 30 minutes kills all life stages. On a recent job for cat fleas I had major problems resolving activity in one room with polished floor boards I eventually had to spend considerable time brushing diatamatious earth into all cracks and crevices which resolved the problem. Good luck.
  14. Due to staff absence due to illness Wakefield Council are looking for a qualified Pest Control Technician on a temporary basis undertaking domestic and commercial reactive treatments and contract service visits across the Wakefield area. The length of this appointment is currently unknown. For any further information you can contact me on 07713329853 or Wakefield Environmental Health Department on 03458506506. Thanks martin.
  15. Hi where do you purchase rayovac batteries from.
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