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  1. fat man i am just out from a long holiday, and the first thing i read on here is the same as the last thing i read on here, the defence of this line of terrier by the same men, men i must add who have also sold pups tut tut.. You state that a lot of pups were sold by using ac name ??? am i wrong on thinking you mean WR, and if so did he not pay a 4 figure some for that dog, and a pup, and if so is he then not entitled to say where they came from. I am not having a pop at Ac as i know for a fact that he is a thoroughly decent chap, but like i have said before, when you sell a dog you lose co
  2. nice white dog DC what happened to the choc dogs you kept, have you seen the light, and moved over to the white dogs. You cant beet a good white un. Had to give mine away as i had to go for a long holiday if you get what i mean. I am picking up a 15 month old dog and 13 month old bitch as well as my old bitch at the weekend they have a bit of bull and pat away back. Will try, and get pics up next week.
  3. nice dog stopend. I would say that he has nothing to do with Rushill kennels just my opinion. i knew Ms old fella well i remember asking him how his lad was getting on, and he was telling me that he was mad on the shows, judging and showing every weekend.
  4. why are some men labaled pedlers, and others are not, yet they are all selling dogs, didnt the man himself sell litters to the states
  5. chesney do you know who stole your terriers, surely if you know were the bitch is you would go and get her back, and he should be able to tell you who he bought her from.
  6. chesney was the pockets bitch bred out a pat staff bitch called treacle
  7. i met Jimmy on cross fell a couple of yrs before he passed away, he had a black dog with him that day, I think the dog was called BLACKIE. we were kidding him on pulling his leg that he had sold his sole, little did we know it would be the last time we would meet. R.I.P Jimmy Thompson
  8. hi rom thought that might have been you on the Spartacus Scratch post. How's things hope your keeping well. Was talking to staff lad a while back said he was going up to use an old dog, its the first I had seen him since Wales lol. I told him I've still got an old white dog out of Bullseye x Bomber that he could use lol I wonder what Bill would make of the internet, and the way the dog game is know. . What about BW you ever come across him haven't seen him in yrs last I herd he had his kennels robbed.
  9. nice strong head on him is he a worker
  10. from a white dog man there is some nice terriers on this thread. Related
  11. The truth about JB on FACEBOOK any one read this seems he's a wife beating CHARLATAN seems most of all the dogs in his first book was his brother in-laws you couldn't make it up. What do his dsciples who made him rich think of him know.
  12. I remember Ken with Smithy he was a big lump of a dog, must be going on 40yrs ago now. When I first met him he had white dogs, he use to turn up at the shows with a load of pups in a pen and sell the lot before the day was done. I remember going to his old place, and he must have had100 pups for sale all split into pens. He showed us a dog called Nigger that he said was finished by 18 month, think he went back to Smithy, not much good really. I think I remember him saying Frank Staceys dogs were stolen, or sold behind his back and the men who had them new the truth,
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