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  1. I'm loving this Rez, the geezer is definetly biting... think I'll just kick back and enjoy the fireworks!
  2. Yeah I did see you boys, I'll come say hello next time. I was with garry brooks, Ian bellamy and Gary's son. Not sure if that will mean much to ya.. ha ha
  3. Fair play to ya Shep, top geezer by the sound of it.
  4. Hello Pil, We must of seen each other there. who was you going round the course with? Daryl
  5. Go for it Villaman, you got nothing to lose. It's also really good banter..
  6. Hello mate, I believe that model in that stock will cost you around 450 quid, the stage 2 tune is 140, so all in all you're looking at 590. Hope that helps. Daryl
  7. Hello Lads, Not posted on here in a while, hope you're all good. I had my first experience of HFT yesterday at Barbury FTC, I really enjoyed it and have to say that it's pretty addictive. Its a really well thought out course, they have clearly spent a lot of time & effort to make it a fun & challenging, i'd highly recommend it to anyone who's done it before or to brand new beginners like myself. I managed to get round the course twice, first with my TX200 and got a score of 41 and second time round with my brand new SFS stage 2 tuned 97KT and also got a score of 41, pretty happy with that for a first effort and now have a target to aim for next time (no pun intended). HFT is definitely something I will be doing again and maybe in the future I will look at entering some sort of league. All the best Daryl
  8. Well done Skotty boy! Was good meeting ya at the weekend mate.
  9. Look forward to it mate. How you getting on with ya 99?
  10. Me to mate, we would of had a great laugh! Have to get something organised for the future.
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