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  1. What does he shoot , rats rabbit or fox?
  2. leeroy

    Vehicle Lamp Mount Wanted

    What pickup do you have , I have a L/F 170 on a remote thats on a stainless steel bar that fits a D40 naval. I also have a 170 on a bar
  3. leeroy

    Quad Spares

    enquiries@daltonsatvs.co.uk I have used these three / four times can't fault them, most stuff on the shelf good price and really nice people.
  4. leeroy

    Lee Led Melting Pot 10Lb

    Hi sorry forgot I had it on here , I will take a picture tomorrow and see if I can get it on , if you look on the Lee website its the 10lb melting pot in good condition , pm me nd I can get them to you in the morning if you want.
  5. I have a Lee led melting pot been used 3 to 4 times at most . I had it new and didn't really get into it so up for sale , not been used for a while but tested it today and its good to go, £50 posted uk and I will throw in a ball mould if I can find it ,I think it will do 8 a time , I converted this with a hindge and handles to make life a bit better. mail me if interested.
  6. leeroy

    Whats In Him

    That something I didn't know, does that mean it only shows up in 2nd cross or just in later litters ?
  7. leeroy

    Whats In Him

    No expert but If he has any saluki in him , as far as I know it normally shows in feathered ears and or tail.
  8. leeroy

    Whip X Greyhound

    Too young I think
  9. leeroy

    Catapult Wanted

    What sort of thing you looking for?
  10. leeroy

    Shocking Mr Hancock

    I knew a old feller that did a few bits for him years ago , he told me anything that doesn't sell goes in the incinerator out back, No stopping on the way. I went there 10 yrs ago to look and it was a sh1t hole there were 15 pups in one pen he said they were all from the same litter but there was 3" in size with half of them. I went in with them and they were squealing and running about doing their best to get away from me. There was crap absolutly everywhere Puppies should not be like this as this can only be detrimental to their long term health. Its only mugs like us that have kept him doing this by buying them and will keep him doing it until he's had enough.
  11. leeroy

    Pick Up 4X4, What To Get?

    I have had 4 Hilux over 15yrs or so, one had 180,000 on it when I got it, I took it up to 240,000 never missed a beat. As jobs got better and I could afford it I got newer and better trucks, But not one gave me any problems at all. Just for a change I got a nissan D40 and one month outside of guarantee it had problems pressure switch on common rail fault,£1200 later it was ok but never could trust it. I would just save yourself any problems and get the best Hilux you can as I've never heard of a bad one.
  12. Filthy thing to give a animal, its still around by me , theres not many bunnies around here to start with then they get this.
  13. I have just removed the body liner from my Mk7 4 door pickup. Its in very good condition complete with the tail gate cover ,no cracks or marks light use only £50 collected.