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  1. I have been looking for a new powder funnel , I stumbled across one made by extreme hardcore in the US that is fitted to a specific caliber , I need one for a 22-250 . Do anyone know where I can get one here in the UK, or is there a different maker of the same sort of thing you could point me too please. I normally use a plastic Lee funnel but it suffers with static and is a nasty fit, thanks in advance.
  2. leeroy

    Wildcat Rifles

    I have been dealing on and off with them for years now , and not once have I had any problems at all, several times they have gone more than the extra mile to help. Very good products and good customer service.
  3. leeroy

    Remington owners

    Do you reload your own?
  4. leeroy


    Well, as promised I have had my light back, new batteries and a new wire all good as new and free of charge, best service I have ever had. I had a New Hilux two years ago , a lot more money, all I can say is I wish Olight owned Toyota. Thanks Olight.
  5. leeroy

    Anyone successfully bred ferret hybrid

    I had a first cross polecat ferret, handled it at least twice a day and every time I walked past. This went on for 7/8 months then over night it changed, it would have a frenzy at the wire and when you opened the cage it would launch its self at you all teeth, I had to be very careful with that. It would have been easer to pet a rattle snake, never again.
  6. I purchased a OLight H35 a good while ago now, anyway where the power cable went into the battery pack a wire broke. I sent it back to Olight UK to see if it could be repaired as head torch is nothing short of amazing, the light ,build quality is great and as it turns out so is the backup service. I had a call from the guys at Olight UK to tell me that that light was no longer available, to say I was gutted would be putting it mild. They said how sorry they were but I could have what ever I wanted to the full value of the faulty light and if I could wait for a couple of days lots of the lights would be heavy discounted for black Friday. I asked if there was any way my old H35 could be repaired, I would be happy to pay as its a cracking light, they said leave it with me and I will call you back, they did and they are going to send it back to Japan to have a new wire and new battery's fitted free of charge. How many companies do you know that give service like that, first class well done Olight UK .
  7. What does he shoot , rats rabbit or fox?
  8. leeroy

    Vehicle Lamp Mount Wanted

    What pickup do you have , I have a L/F 170 on a remote thats on a stainless steel bar that fits a D40 naval. I also have a 170 on a bar
  9. leeroy

    Quad Spares

    enquiries@daltonsatvs.co.uk I have used these three / four times can't fault them, most stuff on the shelf good price and really nice people.
  10. leeroy

    Lee Led Melting Pot 10Lb

    Hi sorry forgot I had it on here , I will take a picture tomorrow and see if I can get it on , if you look on the Lee website its the 10lb melting pot in good condition , pm me nd I can get them to you in the morning if you want.
  11. I have a Lee led melting pot been used 3 to 4 times at most . I had it new and didn't really get into it so up for sale , not been used for a while but tested it today and its good to go, £50 posted uk and I will throw in a ball mould if I can find it ,I think it will do 8 a time , I converted this with a hindge and handles to make life a bit better. mail me if interested.
  12. leeroy

    Whats In Him

    That something I didn't know, does that mean it only shows up in 2nd cross or just in later litters ?
  13. leeroy

    Whats In Him

    No expert but If he has any saluki in him , as far as I know it normally shows in feathered ears and or tail.
  14. leeroy

    Whip X Greyhound

    Too young I think