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  1. i bought a wildcat panther for hmr an like it so im wanting to put one on 22 thats all its got a ase ultra on does the job but its abit long on 14inch barrel
  2. oh hard work this job isnt it
  3. wanting to change moderator how do i go about it is send ticket back an pay £20
  4. i got refused fac airgun but they granted 22 17 and 223 bit strange i thought
  5. how do you get them to record mate I'm shite wi technology
  6. mates got a real nice one for sale lad in swillington guns said its the best hes seen wants £500 for it
  7. yes ive tried allways might be me not very good with gadjets im giving it to a mate whos going to have a look for me
  8. tried it all ways mate ive got a laser coming this week from ir lightbuilds if its no better its getting binned cant get on with it
  9. mine must be a dud then its crap at 50 yard
  10. cheers there out of stock tho
  11. whats the best one and where can i get one ?
  12. hi mate whats the ir torch your using with pard
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