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  1. tomsmurf

    Night vision??

    This something I never thought I'd hear you consider!!
  2. tomsmurf

    Busy grandaddy.....

    Good shooting! That a bayley knife I see? Youngratter
  3. tomsmurf

    hill pump

    Where abouts are you?
  4. So today after only having a hen pheasant and a chat in the field with underdog this morning i was itching to get out again with it being the last saturday of the season! Managed to get out in a little wood at the bottom of the drive for half an hour. Out with the 'hatstand' got down to the little pool and off came 20 or so duck. Quick shooting got 3 down! Without much encouragement penny jumped straight in on one duck and bought it back and straight back in she went for the next and then the next one!! I couldnt be more happy with this little dog. tomsmurf.
  5. tomsmurf

    1st time out this year

    I bet you wouldnt be able to see through them anyway with the leakage from your undercrackers!! Youngratter.
  6. The other day on the way down the drive with the kids and the wife in the car, there was 2 cock pheasants stood bolt upright so i stopped the car!! Confused kids and wife questioned me?? Few seconds later out pops a little fox with a massive bushy tail!! So for the past few nights iv wanted to go and look for her but not had the energy.. Yesterday me and my mate went out for an hour and the first little wood the lab went running in nose down! I said to my mate get ready expecting a pheasant or two to come out. but no!! Out pops the little vixen with the massive bushy tail! 40ish yards Already loaded with fioci #3 42g up came the hatsan and emptied all 3 in her side on and my mate also put his 2shots on her aswell! It sounded like a warzone on the news!! Youngratter.
  7. Over the festive period everyone bashes ebay, so i ordered a few decoys that were a bargain and they got here yesterday! George found out as i was packing them away and has done nothing but go on about decoying and watching decoying videos on youtube. This morning we got out for an hour even though we had no net to make a hide, so i put one of my facemasks on him and he wanted to take the pup for the experience so off we headed. Set the decoys up and only had one come in but we enjoyed it anyway. now he wants to save his money up for decoying equipment. here he is where we stood in the hedge Youngratter.
  8. tomsmurf

    Crackshot strikes again!

    The deal was i exercised the mrs's horse in exchange for a couple of hours leave with the lad....so off i trotted
  9. We managed to get out for an hour again today, After a comment about trusting the dog we decided to take the pup out with us. The lad had his 410 again we ended up with another pheasant, then a squirrel which i shot and whilst it was still clinging to the tree george lifted the baikal and quickly finished it off at 25yrds again. When will he miss and stop showing me up?? Anyway the exercise was to give the pup some on the job training which she got!! Retrieved all 3 kills. So impressed! Youngratter.
  10. So on monday evening i took the eldest lad to the local gun shop and got him a baikal single .410 for the grand total of £75... absolute bargain! So each night this week ive taken him up the farm for a few shots which paid off! Today we went out and first field a pheasant ran and as it was about to get up he shot it at 25yrds. He was shaking with adrenaline! Then we headed into a wood where the dog insisted the was something up a tree, eventually i saw a squirrel in a fork, as i stooped down to show him where it was, off it went like the clappers so i stood up swung the hatsan through and down it came, as it hit the ground it wriggled and went to crawl off. Before i had chance to say anything the barrel of the baikal came up and bang! He sorted the squirrel instictivly! What a first outing for him and his new shotgun!! Youngratter.
  11. tomsmurf

    Non toxic shot?

    Thats a lie! I've seen you miss with your single suppository boomstick!!
  12. tomsmurf

    On the ferals

    Haha mac, shes probably a better shot than half of us on here!!
  13. tomsmurf

    On the ferals

    I sure am!! Even let her shoot ☺
  14. tomsmurf

    On the ferals

    So after a **** day at work i called the wife on the way home and told her to get ready we are going out!! There was a few ferals knocking about the farm so i got the old ratcatcher out for her and filled the mrs's pockets with pellets and off we went. Half an hour later, 4 pigeons down and one happy wife back home we came.
  15. tomsmurf

    410 shooting high

    Nout wrong using a good tractor front link is there inderdog?