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  1. I’m still waiting on my gp letter mate, 5 weeks now, phoned them last week and they just said it’s been designated to a doctor they will phone when ready, I don’t want to just go through the process without it if it’s going to be a waste of time
  2. Spoke to the surgery today, they said it’s fine to just pass it in at front desk though it usually takes 4-6 weeks and there will be a fee, I knew this but they didn’t confirm how much.
  3. It’s closed now but I’ll give them I ring tomorrow, thought I would ask on here if anyone has been through the process. thanks
  4. I’m currently applying for my first sgc and have come across the required gp letter that HAS to be completed according to merseyside police website, can this just be sent to the doctor in a letter or do I have to make an appointment to hand this letter to my gp? Doing it first time so want to get it right I’ve tried looking it up but it varies a lot it seems on which police force. thanks liam
  5. I’ll try and keep this short and sweet but I am hoping someone could point me in the right direction as to where I can get a chance at doing a bit of beating? I live in Liverpool but I drive and I don’t mind travelling a bit, I’m fit and well and extremely keen. thanks liam
  6. I'll definitely be interested mate, I'll pm you near the end of the week and see where your upto with them if that's ok?
  7. Hopefully start getting her out soon just watching and seeing what it's all about, I hope she turns out as good as her dam who is good on the big stuff.
  8. I might have to head down of a night to get me rocks off seeing as me and me bird are nearly splitting up over this dog haha, she hates it wants it gone but I just can't do it, I'll be bin bagged this week if it's not gone she said, so if anyone's got a spare couch
  9. It might turn out to be useless regardless of her eyes I can only wait and see haha I'm confident she will do well as she's never shown signs of it affecting her, I can only do my best keeping her confidence up.
  10. Yeah Formby it is, you can have a good walk there and just stay out the main places and you won't see another soul for hours and it's only 15 minutes in the van, I take her in the middle of the day while she's still young so she doesn't see too much but the whole place is basically a giant warren haha it's nice to have something like that local haha
  11. It's a good job, make up for what she's lacking in sight haha
  12. She never shown any signs of it affecting her, I think with it being at such a young age she's learnt to live with it, if you didn't know you would never tell. Sire is collie x grey and Dam is colliexgrey/deerxgrey
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