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  1. My mother and father took me there as a kid,it was amazing,I’ve been trying to get my wife to go but she’s not comfortable in a crowd, wf
  2. Try telling that to the sheep farmers in the west coast of Scotland
  3. So was it poisoned deliberately or did it eat a rat that had been poisoned
  4. That’s what I would like to see in a pup, wf
  5. Motorola gp340 is what we used when I ran my hounds
  6. The bullet will have left the rifle before the recoil I would have thought unless it’s subsonic ammo,wf
  7. We have to put the sheep through a machine that spray’s them I’m sure it’s called a magic eye but the chemical only lasts three weeks,the shepherd told me that proper sheep dip is now banned because of farmers getting cancer,some people use ivomec but it’s no good for dogs with collie blood in them as it’s fatal to them, wf
  8. It would only take a small rag on each run not all over the place
  9. The problem with new binoculars is that even cheap ones look great from new it’s not until dusk when you really can tell the difference , wf
  10. A few lads on another forum are saying vortex are very good
  11. Why are you selling such a well put together rifle,I had one of these and got a new tikka t3 to replace it,although the tikka is a good rifle,I wish I hadn’t made the change the mannlicher was way more accurate and lighter ,good luck with the sale,wf
  12. Have you tried the original mounts for the rifle, wf
  13. An old wide strapped belt ,it would then be adjustable,wf
  14. Is your t67 a cheap one as I have a new rats tail switch switch here,wf
  15. My wife is allergic to silver birch,you should see the state she gets in when I rub some on her pillow
  16. Pine cones soaked in desiel on the runs going into the school
  17. They would be most likely using multiple traps not just one each,I would think killing a thousand rabbits in 8 hours could be done no problem if lifting them out of a box/tank ,a good bricklayer should lay a thousand bricks in a day easily,wf
  18. James I think you should crack on with the idea,I will give you my full support as long as you post the pictures of the damage to your hands ,lol,I spoke with an old lad one day who picked one up years ago it was in a fenn trap and he thought it was dead until he picked it up,he said son it went up and down my fingers like someone playing a mouth organ,I have every confidence in you,lol,wf
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