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  1. hmmm. are all the F.X range big in america. could explain how the companys kept going if a big amount of there sales are in the u.s.a I think they're popular here but so are Air Arms, BSA, Weihrauch and Daystate among others, I think they've kept going because of the quality at the price point, reliability and incredible accuracy. http://www.airgunsofarizona.com/
  2. The only PCP I've ever owned and it's awesome. Point and hit. I have a Webley Spectre II (FX Cyclone with walnut stock) in .22. Can't say enough good about it. Very popular in the states and is a workhorse, solid throughout, never had a problem with it...
  3. My honest opinion is any form of protection dog is unsuitable for a novice dog owner, without control and some knowledge of behaviour they are a timebomb....... Good sound advice there.
  4. Really tidy set-up. the floor of the garage looks to be sealed. Is that painted on? Quality finish. The floor is oil sealed and then a product called MaxShine was put on. It wears off every year but brightens it up so much it's worth $15 a year to reapply with a mop and let cure for an hour.
  5. Wow!! you guys don,t scrimp,some vets here don,t have your set ups,We over here seem to like the old 2x2 and weld mesh an a hut. Yanks going with the times again,Take it you'se are in it Commercially?? I'm not in anything "alive" commercially. A local company that needed a setup for photos for a big bid to University Vet Hospital gave me a discount on smaller terrier sized kennels conditional on photos at setup. I should have them a long time. Buy once, cry once. Edited to add: That's my garage, the house had a 3 bay and 1 goes to the terriers.
  6. Awesome Stuntman, looks fantastic, lots of ventilation and room! Mine aren't as big but a different take. Hope you don't mind me putting up a few pics.
  7. Nice looking pups busterdog. Hope they make the grade for you.
  8. It's been on over here and is good..
  9. Nice stamp. I have a few with that look.
  10. I had one on a Beeman R9 springer and it was a nice scope.
  11. Feed the dog by hand, no bowl or guarding object- obedience for food, no free meals...
  12. I updated my original Pieps firmware no probs, just sent it off to a place in the states.....
  13. I don't agree with that at all. WE are over there helping YOUR LOT out, in YOUR WAR. So why shouldn't you's help us out when we need it? We're meant to be united in our aims and objectives over there, being the allied forces. The Yanks have been quite partial to using our special forces for the jobs they haven't got the confidence in their own special forces to do, so what's with the attitude towards us? This has been seen before on here but is an example of our Special Forces kicking Taliban ass because some Yankee CIA got smoked - AFT, I have no attitude toward you fellas at all.
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