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  1. It's not about being anti vax, it's about getting both sides of the argument, if you think this or any other government was there to protect you you're a fool
  2. Believing a government that gave pregnant women Thalidomide, told you margarine was better than butter and so on, all while preaching out of the pedophile paradise, that's unbelievable
  3. Well thought out and informative, I take it you didn't watch any of the clips then
  4. Long overdue, new world order piece of shit, shame he didn't do worse
  5. Doctors Around the World warns Do Not Take The Covid Vaccine RUMBLE.COM Doctors Around the World Issue Dire Warning. Do Not Take The Covid Vaccine!
  6. https://rumble.com/vfpgoh-dr.-bhakdi-interview.html COVID Shots to "Decimate World Population," Warns Dr. Bhakdi
  7. I f'in hate summer, roll on the winter
  8. It just so happens I've got half a dozen here that I'd let go for about that price per dog
  9. No mate, drontal are prescription free, or at least they were last time I went on, anything that you need a prescription for will clearly be stated.
  10. Pet drugs online, two minutes to set up an account and you can buy as much as you want
  11. Thought about moving over there more than a few times, first for the terrier work then for the fishing. I've got no excuse but cowardice, I should of done it years ago, never say never, see what life brings. On the plus side I love the putanges and the glamorous assistant is learning the trade too.
  12. Get yourselves down the corner shop, they've sense of humours going cheap, it's a f***ing terrier site, get over it bellends
  13. Show it a roadkill fox, let it realise that it's fun to rag on the carcass and it should remember the scent when it's old enough next season, that's when it's breeding should kick in, just after the curiosity factor
  14. There used to be a guy around here that went digging in a motorbike and sidecar, he was famous for it, sadly I never met him, passed before I kicked in.
  15. Strangest artificials I've ever come across, all on top of the ground with a pinch of soil that barely covers them, that's the depth of the bitch
  16. I'm exactly the same mate, it's definitely an age thing
  17. I don't like it but without it we lose permission, essential pest control, ugly at this time of year but 100% necessary.
  18. Toby had more of the typical Steven's border look about him, a lot thicker set, I'd hazard a guess at Mo who's coupled up too
  19. No bother, I'm used to it, I'm married
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