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  1. shock collar ,,, i know people dont agree wit them but when the dog wont listen to u ,, he learns very quickly to come back when shocked
  2. t/hats wat were all looking for
  3. my one is 24 months and spoke for the first time last week
  4. any one working them could give me some feed back on them just for gerenal mooching for foxes and some photos would be great heres my half cross she being trying to go to ground from 9 months t/his will be her first proper season
  5. alan626


    get her a pair of goggles
  6. go out to the lad and tell him ur dog does be hanging around that area ,,, that way he knows about it and will keep his dog on a lead till he gets further down the road ask stupit questions u get stupit answers
  7. cows with calfs were charging me one night and as i made my last stride to saftey i felt that cows hoof clip my ear another 10 mm and i would of got it in the side of the head
  8. some power in them first two pal!! brother and sister and thats the dam of them lying down
  9. brillant job wat happened ur poor dog
  10. get him out as much as u can broken to stock good recall and when he shows an interest in a hole put him on a lead and hold him of till hes around 19 months
  11. it could be torsion ( twisted intestine ) can u give some more information on kennel and bedding ect,, the lads are right barney if theres a problem wit the dog that ur not sure of he needs to see a vet
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