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  1. Dont really think there is such thing as a stupid question, may be stupid to you but i dont know anything about hunting dogs or breeds i just wanted some info on the type of dog mix as i figured someone on here must have something similar as you see all sorts and i didnt want my own dog getting hurt or anyone elses if he was lamping, i dont think he should be doing it near peoples houses anyways as there are other dogs besides mine it is a street after all. I see plenty of other people here on asking about certain dogs or what they are like for this and that so i didn't think it would be
  2. Sorry i may have just explained this bad, i live on the edge to your left would be towards the city alot of streets houses ect and to your right is out of the city large fields/farms were the next town/city is miles and miles away. infront of my house is a large field beside a main road into my area and to access other streets which is were i saw him, so basically you need to cross my street usually via the field to get into the larger fields. Like literally the side of my house there is a fence dividing my street a field with crops in it. just as i posted this comment the guy from th
  3. i was in bed and i got up to see if she was alright it was around 11am, my mum got up to look out but our backyard is covered by a hedge you can slightly see through it so she didnt get a full picture, she can be a vicious little thing when she wants to be my assumption was she was trying to get back at the greyhound or something for all i know it could of been her started it but generally she is okay with other dogs i said i was pretty sure he kicked her i assumed to try and get her away from the greyhound or to get her off it as i know she would fight back but as i have said above i didn
  4. lol really could someone tell me what an "anti" is ? my post may be silly but im just worried about my dog thats all, a couple of years ago she was mauled by a greyhound i think it was i didnt see it properly my mother did but i heard her squealing she had 3 puncture wounds around her from were teeth could of went in and she tends to be quite scared of lurcher/greyhounds also pretty sure the owner of the other dog kicked her a couple of times as underneath her was black from bruising so she tends to bark at them ever since this happened. didnt mean to ask any stupid questions althoug
  5. It seems people are getting the wrong impression of me, I didnt mean the dog is automatically a killer because of the breed I simply ment that if he is lamping with it and it happen to think my dog is a rabbit or something in the field then it would easily kill her as hes trained it to do so with rabbits or foxes or whatever. I saw it under a street lamp that he walked past thats how I was able to get a look at it also if he wants to own a certain breed of dog then sure no problem no concern of mine other people in my street and surrounding walk their dogs around my home such as greyho
  6. Was just asking to see if anyone would have any info on these kinds of dogs or any knowledge or something, im not even sure what kind of dog only saw it for a few seconds. didnt realise it was such a big problem for me to ask. thanks i guess this can be closed now.
  7. I seem to have annoyed a few people ? i was just posting this here to try and figure out what kind of dog it could be as im sure you guys know a lot more about hunting dogs than i do. i didnt want to let my own dog out in case he happened to come by again. As i said a little terrier could be mistaken for a rabbit or something like that. Not sure why im getting hate about my previous posts was just asking about foxes and stuff like that. thanks edit: also im not sure what an anti is im guessing somone who is against hunting ? if somone could explain that possibly. From my
  8. Hi sorry if this is the wrong section ! Just looking for some advice I was lying in bed earlier saw this light out the window, I live kinda I guess you could say at the edge of the city beside fields and such, some guy 18-25 region, had a harness leash and big torch and was shining it down the field I assumed he was lamping or something he just shined the light for a second or two on the dog I thought to make sure it was still there as it was at the bottom of the field away from him, he walked away around the corner of my house which is towards other fields and farms ect. So the dog ra
  9. Well actually i think she would enjoy it but i wouldnt like to see her hurt as i just keep her as my pet had her for almost 9 years now. she had a fight with a much bigger dog this morning think it gave her a few good bites friend was out in field said she was limping on her back leg but seems fine now strong little thing lol cheers for answering my questions and everything
  10. take yours out with your freind then !!!! I am not looking to start hunting was just looking for some general advice on the dog around areas were foxes and rabbits are as i know she will go after it just wondering would it kill her or something as i have no knowledge of foxes or anything. Here are the pics let me know what you think might not be the best took them with my phone im wondering is she to small? http://imageshack.us.../img0451qy.jpg/ http://imageshack.us.../img0453pi.jpg/ http://imageshack.us.../img0456jw.jpg/ http://imageshack.us.../img0470te.jpg/ thanks
  11. Ah okay i see. interesting to find these kind of things out, i have a friend who has 2 working terriers he said mine is a good size but she is generally smaller than alot of lakeland/patterdales as iv said earlier she was the runt. just gonna upload these pics now not sure if they are the best just took them few mins ago but will do the job
  12. alright ill take one in a bit and post it up, is there ways to tell if its a good terrier by looking at it ?
  13. thanks for the advice. When she goes off following a scent she usually comes back once called but then again she didnt actually see the fox over the long grass in the way. i can post up a picture of her if anyone is interested to see ?
  14. Im not really worried about the fox im worried about the dog going after the fox because once she goes for something thats usually it, depending. shes pretty headstrong and aggressive for the size of her so generally speaking it wont kill her ? i probably wont even run into it i was just curious to find out how she would get on if faced with one after my friend said it would be kill her (but he doesnt really know anything about hunting)
  15. Im not really looking to start hunting but i just thought id ask because when i did see the fox she must of smelt it and ran off in the direction i saw it and was going back and forth around the bushes i think in an attempt to find it so incase she does come across one some day im pretty sure she will follow it or something. she tends to have selective hearing for example when fighting with another dog.
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