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  1. With a bit of luck mushray I will get a turn out off her...
  2. far as ino my young bitch be down off that stuff...thanks to mushray for the pup
  3. I didnt say I was ....I just happened to be speaking to TC an ask him cause I saw them photos [BANNED TEXT]....he filled me in on the truth....so you writing bullshite again....why even bother if your gona get caught out
  4. That's a pup out of Ben to one of erwins bitches...the ben dog came to derry at 10 years old with a grey face an no teeth...
  5. Welcome anytime lad...will b looking forward to it.....an no fighting this time
  6. Best bitch I've ever had the pleasure of digging too...
  7. Great day in donegal with fatman....dogs were on top as usual.....
  8. Have a bitch here bit similar last year....she bleed for 3 or days didn't swell much didn't take to the dog the was out in a week....feed them lastnight let them her out for a run round with my pups an the f**k dog pup served her....little c**t her showing no signs this time round
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