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  1. Now now come on no need to be name calling stig, that's not on after all you wouldn't be one for Name Calling would you????
  2. Who is the Prick now Bobby?? See mate what goes around comes around only faster and harder....lol
  3. I asked for advice on the problem mate al I got was vets vets vets vets vets vets easy answer if none of you lads knew all u had to say was I don't know mate. As for the people who called me a dumb c**t and stuff ur opinion don't count,and another thing bobby I was not aware you owned the hunting life? That's right you don't so who gives you the right to tell me or anybody who can and can't come on here and say what they like after all I didn't come on here and abuse anybody but I tell you this mate I am not going to stand by and listen to somebody doing it to me. All the best lads and thanks
  4. Enjoy the show ring stig I hope you win loads.
  5. Not too easy find one of them about here ime afraid but thanks for the constructive criticism I will let you know how the dog gets on.
  6. Ur dumber than I thought mate go back to you fanny lickers and do their nails and hair for the next show and don't be annoying me
  7. Your mind should be made up for you then mate
  8. To all the dumb c**ts on here that are raving and ranting about the vets you all are show dog men prancing around like little girls with dogs that never even seen the inside of a hole, my god you people are so f***ing dumb, I myself keep good dogs that have done lots of work unlike u bunch hence y I didn't bring dog to the vet, so Tom pepper and some more of yee take ur fanny lickers and parade around the ring for the summer after all your season is just starting mine is over since February. And yee call yourselves terrier men being totally honest if a good terrier was to jump up and bite you
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