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  1. jagd.lad

    Gundog Training.

    Can anybody recommend a good gundog training book?
  2. jagd.lad

    future workers

    My 5 month old jagd pup
  3. jagd.lad

    future workers

    My jagd pup 5 month old
  4. jagd.lad

    Ratting Yorkshire

    Looking to start my 5 month old pup off if anyone in yorkshire has permission and would let me tag along. From leeds west yorkshire but willing to travel.
  5. jagd.lad

    Tools For The Job

    The photo wont upload but its a stainless steel tieout that swivels
  6. Can anybody point me in the right direction of the lad who sells these tieouts dont think hes have the chain on though.
  7. jagd.lad

    Clark Channel Drain 1M X 9 Lengths

    Still for sale?
  8. jagd.lad

    Terrier Box's

    Cheers lads i think ill get the checker plated type found a lad called darren tinsdale on facebook who makes them
  9. jagd.lad

    Terrier Box's

    Can anyone point me in the right direction of someone who makes good quality terrier boxes?
  10. jagd.lad

    Bull Terrier 2

    any pups planned?
  11. jagd.lad


    cheers pal
  12. jagd.lad

    English Bull Terrier

    does anybody on here work ebt? looking for a pup in the near future for man work (protection work) and hunting trips to germany.
  13. jagd.lad


    seen a post on here a while back of someone selling stakes (for tieing the dogs to) and shovels ect does anybody know who it was im after some bits from him
  14. jagd.lad


    I baught some antibiotics off a bloke on here a while back but cant remember hes name but he sold vaccinations aswell anybody know the guy im looking for or know a guy who has any for sale please send me a message. thanks