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  1. thanks for everones replys some good some not so lol . anyway did not mean to start a war or upset anyone was just asking about a fitter type of dog athletic/healthy evan working type english bull terrier that could join me on my runs. ] everyone must agree that the show type could nerver run 6+ miles and be that active .most tend to be lazy bed dogs evan if conditiond they still resemble and built like the modden british bulldog not made to be athletic no more thats why im looking for the old type that more resemble the staffie build lean and athlectic but still a english bull teriier
  2. to answer labs qwestion , i took her swiiming one day at the river cray as i always did with my other dog, the day after she was all drained and not her self so i took her to vets and they done test kept her in ,they said she having liver and kidney failer all organs breaking down court somthing from water got 24hr pull frew . that night i got a call 3 in morning to tell me they put her asleep coz hart stop a few times .
  3. who said anything about giving me one im looking to buy ... and as for the collie lol had one as a boy not my cup of tea no more . iv always loved english bulls and always wanted one then my partner bought home a staffy pup 3 years ago as a present for leaving the army . best dog ever owend came running with me everyday no leads needed 6+miles for my work as said im personal trainer and x army para so not ur nomal jogger and she nerver missed a day nor nerver fell behind till she passed away aways in front not like the lazy pit/boxer i got whos only good for 20 mins then f++++k good dog ju
  4. hi there liam i know the sight is trying to promote working breeds and im all for that .. i want a working english bull terrier not a fat show one so [BANNED TEXT] better place to look and get answers from the people who use them and in the know and what they can do insted of a show ring place that breeding the wrong type not the right old type
  5. also be def intrested in one if it works out
  6. has any one no lyndon inguls contact details would love to get one insted of the slow show one . would these make good jogging dogs .. pm welcome thanks
  7. hi there i needed to put my bull terrier to sleep a few mothes back far to young just coming round to thinking i need to get another play mate for her sister that i also got .. i would love to get a fitter english bull thats more active .. im a personal trainer so would love the dog to come running the miles with me [bANNED TEXT] the breed of today could not do day in day out no probs .. iv been reading up last month on fitter working lines and am having problems finding the propa old lines or fit active fit lines iv herd Mr ingles name pop up a few times and iv also googled his work and t
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