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  1. Anybody know where you can get a couple of these traps reasonably quickly in the UK - interested in looking at the trap mechanism And please don't suggest going to Germany
  2. Phil - trying to message you but your mail box is full or something
  3. You all have more bulls than me - don't mind treading on them - but catching them by the tail - no chance i would want to risk a bite from one of them.
  4. Whats the reason for not carrying out a live removal? You can't just knock out a colony using insecticide based on a builders observations. High high is the roof - how many storeys how high of the roof is the chimney? Is it offset or centred There's so much more you need to pass on for good advice For sure if you can't get up there to proof it adequately after poisoning then you should not be using an insecticide - it is your responsibility to prevent any access to the poisoned colony by any passing bees - for many good reasons Have you got any photos - email them to swarmcatcher.co.uk
  5. If its the moles he is worried about and not the cash then increase the area you are working on so that they don't get close.
  6. For those of you using professional aerosols how do you go about getting rid of them? - there considered as hazardous waste being that they are aerosols?
  7. You have to really think about placement so as to ensure you don't end up strangling the fox - can be difficult in confined spaces Mean while the area around your fixing point gets trashed So all in all not necessarily the most sensible choice for urban fox control Be interested to hear of circumstances that its proved to work well - always open to additional solutions, not that we get that much in the way of urban fox control - not like the lads in london and home counties
  8. If you are likely to be catching a stoat in it (even if its a miscatch) it will be illegal to place it, unless you can somehow prevent a stoat getting into it. Think someone mentioned that the DOC could be used as a replacement for the Fenn but you will need to check on that - luckily I don't find myself having to worry about it too much
  9. Appreciate the offer stormboy may well take you up on it. Neil thats a pretty good catch rate with just the larsens - very encouraging to hear
  10. That jpg is not showing use of bodygrip 55 in England for squirrels?
  11. Thanks Dido - I hadn't really thought about going down that root as they didn't want any shooting round the stock, but thinking about it using a couple of decoys on a dead lamb in a neighbouring spot could offer a good solution if done regularly enough. Appreciate your thoughts
  12. And I presume you would credit the man with not being a f***ing idiot Dido I was laughing reading your post you never have enough arms I meant lucky he was able to get the youngsters so quick. I have no idea were the property is located - but I do know there's plenty of idiots out there that having read the post would think it a good idea to shoot at squirrels from their front garden in the housing estate - so no the comment about the law wasn't necessarily for his benefit - but for the benefit of the dummies that do things without thinking. And thanks for the correction to
  13. Meant to say that I do use a bit of nut oil for lube, but do wonder if that sometimes entices them thru the side of the cubby for the BG's
  14. very lucky and presumably not within 50 yrds of a highway
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