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  1. Stop flirting wi me ya big ginger b*****d...
  2. I’ve got an old bitch that I pts about a year ago that would still have beat that f***ing chav dog..
  3. You lying old c**t....
  4. Lab

    Thatcher Knew

    Bellend.....thats spelt correctly as well....
  5. Lab

    Some Ref

    Horrible bigot b*****ds. Soon to be pumped out of Europe.
  6. ...trying hard here.Just a nice little pre season friendly. Not like we are coming to skelp Liverpool in the UEFA cup. Big John....Big Bad John..
  7. Lab

    Found On Mars

    That could well be the local dialect of Mars you've just written there. Not a f***ing clue what your on about.Ye sure i thought he was talking ginger?? haha it must be his vulacn blood lust kicking in again Could be ginger....if so that's why I can't understand it....
  8. Lab

    Found On Mars

    That could well be the local dialect of Mars you've just written there. Not a f***ing clue what your on about.
  9. Old I said. It's in Falkirk...
  10. Did you enter the draw to walk over the new bridge lol Did I f**k... I'll be happy when it's open though. Been told I'll possibly be working in your old hometown for 6 months staring in Oct.
  11. Passed it yesterday going back over the bridge. Never even looked at it. Too busy trying not to run over stupid c**ts wi bino's and cameras.
  12. yeah that don't look to good lol Ffs...didn't even tell me ya c**t..
  13. Lab

    Found On Mars

    Yes mate, It's the camera on the rover seeing it's tyre tracks from when it moved. The signal from earth, telling the rover to move, takes a while to get there so, they have to do it very carefully, in small increments. ..... They can get to an object but, it takes a while So how long before we find out that's nothing but a rock...?.
  14. Lab

    Found On Mars

    Since I hate all this bollocks I'll ask a stupid question? Are those tyre tracks. If so is it from something that's landed and has a camera on it. And if that's right could it not get a bit closer to the object.?
  15. It's a shame that law abiding, peace loving muslims have been targeted in this attack. But as we know..."it's part and parcel of living in a big city"
  16. Still think it's fake.
  17. She wasn't cheating they had been split for months. He's a prick of the highest order.
  18. Lab


    L200 Warrior for work. Range Rover Evoque....if I can get it of her..
  19. Looks like the c**t wi the knife shat it. He'd have 6 bottles launched at him and he be praying I didn't get that knife.
  20. pretty much pal lol They don't realise yet i hold the cards Can see these friends getting ditched then pal. That misses adores you....for some reason...
  21. Her best friend I get on really well with...helps that her man is a good friend of mines too. The rest of her friends I can take or leave....never really socialise with them anyway. What's up anyway KD......friends worked out your a fanny!...
  22. Might cause nose bleeds though.
  23. Don't tell me...you've got a catholic side to the family and you won't go to chapel?..LOL never been in a chapel in my life, but no thats not the reason.I just dont do funerals mate.Well if I die I had your name down for verse??
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