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  1. i would rather shoot one with the air rifle than 10 with the shottie great sport
  2. 3 coaches of us went down from yorkshire areas some of us was told it finished at the park we dropped our banners etc then mooched about ,later we was told the count was at the other end of the park ? so the exact numbers are false lots more people attended than what was reported bias media
  3. i only ever payed once for a days shooting not by choice i just went for the craic with some lads , we went to an address in stamford a fella like cockney actor mike reed showed up at the door & proceeded to drive us around the area his arm pointing out the window saying that fields mine etc , i said what are we allowed to shoot ,anything at all he replied , i had a good lab with me my old dog ,, either way i came home with 3 hares 5 pheasants 2 rabbits & a brace of duck lol not bad for £25 (that was 35 yrs ago ) not got a clue whos fields we was on
  4. the black plague have really hammered the freshwater fish in my parts i would shoot every one given a chance (and a license lol )
  5. god bless ken ,allways had me in floods of tears ,none will ever match you fella
  6. awesome fish fantastic condition well done
  7. a great pleasant easy day for a change ,i have seen so many foxes jump out of ivy covered trees in my time if theres a slight lean to them they often hide in them i wonder how many watch us hunters walk past laughing lol near enough end of ferreting season now i think
  8. very enjoyable day out with good m8s ian on fire again with his shooting ,,a fantastic shot ,stuarts knowledge of rabbitting / ferreting is second to none great days sport & very happy farmer all land cleared
  9. at least you are awake lol,. try 13 days in a coma then a brain scan & pneumonia on a breathing machine then when you eventually wake up you have to learn to read talk walk write & talk again oh happy days ha ha god bless & i hope alls ok
  10. vixens tits are pulled so maybe your not the only one going hungry tonight lol enjoy the wine
  11. common sense talked at last .load of feckin amatuer chancers spouting their gobs off before engaging brain .its no wonder good terrier men avoid this place like the plague ,,just my opinion
  12. every time we stop ferreting ,we know theres going to be kits around ,you all know its impossible to clear all the rabbits no matter what ,the phone never stops ringing ,bloody rabbits everywhere ,yet what we do the bloody farmers wont pay a penny im sorry but after 40 years the rabbits can stay ,untill at least fuel is paid ,beggar them ive spent £1000s on fuel & equipment , its the last season for me feck em tight feckin farmers yet the hands in the pocket all the time for the molemen lol rant over ,feck the rabbits
  13. how many traps would you lads be working at anyone time on commercial work
  14. is there any proof of that if so yes i agree with you ..but hes a twxt first class either way
  15. i know you want to leave me but i refuse to let you go

  16. http://www.hardyfishing.com/en-gb/products-and-store/ try ringing these
  17. Dont get rid of the rapid if you have had it for years it will be part of you i no ,it feels like iv lost my arm atvbmac :thumbs: lol rapid wont be going anywhere its deadly accurate too ,each gun will have its uses ,the cricket will be used for barn work & hide shooting
  18. i just bought a calibre cricket .22 these guns are so accurate dont know if i will adjust to it after useing my rapid for years
  19. do it mac get a .22 again you wont be happy & settled untill you do [BANNED TEXT]
  20. many years ago i had a pair of beddys we worked huge bramble/blackberry banks not many dogs could work that type of tight cover ,the best day the dogs brought back 16 live rabbits to hand ,all hunted & caught without even seeing them
  21. jsb all the way with me ,but as said each & every barrel has its own preference ,try them all out then stick with what your gun likes
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