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  1. Yes it is north wales How did you no
  2. Probably been discussed before, but I notice a lot of people seem to knock a dog that picks runs, Have always thought this is not a bad trait, surely this shows a bit of brain, isnt this what the Lurcher was all about.? Same as dogs that pull up and dont go crashing into fences is this really a problem After all dont think the odd miss due to either of the above leaves anyone hungry these days. Certainly can save a lot of heavy vet bills.
  3. f'&@k me I thought this was going to be another thread about some ones dog dying
  4. Hey Geth Sounds like hou had a good time,good to hear mate. Dog looking fine shape . Am away at present, back Monday Catch you next time.
  5. No mention of what its like with stock, I would ask , and I pos see it with at least sheep, otherwise could end up with a night mare.
  6. Hi guy , where do people get their raw food in North Wales.
  7. Great thread this guys, keep them coming.
  8. Hi I am sure this has been discussed many times, so bear with me, as I am usually posting on the lurcher section. Whats the law on shooting feral pigeons in somebody's garden with air rifle.
  9. Sorry to hear , hope things turn out ok.
  10. Who do lads recommend regards dog insurance, tesco seem cheap, anyone any dealings with them.
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