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    somerset / devon
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    shooting,(stalking,foxing & rimfire rabbits) lamping rabbits with whippet, fishing & following hounds.
    equipment: bsa ultra, cz .22lr, anschutz .17hmr, remi700 .22-250, sauer 202 6.5x55. I use an archer nv unit that will fit all my rifles.
  1. I tried to explain to a bunny hugger the other day, that the reason there are lots of dead badgers on the roads, is that the fields are full up with them and theres no where else for them to play.
  2. Thanks for info guys.Its not a breakdown its an older model.i've looked at the manual and it looks like i have to get a long allun key. keep it strait. Gunshy.
  3. Hi 202 owners. I want to strip down and clean my old rifle. i have had it for a while and never taken it appart. I bought it second hand so i dont have a manuel for it. i think it was sold with a tool to take of the fore end. be grateful for any help. Gushy.
  4. The collar you get to fit the bayonet fitting is 38mil long. At a push you could may get away with 30mil clearance. Hope this helps. Had one for 3 years and love it. Keep it straight, Gunshy.
  5. Fry your onions first. Cut filet into one inch thick medalions. Take out onions. Turn up heat, fry medalions in onion fat, first side untill they start to go grey for about quarter of an inch, turn them over and do the same. should take couple of minuets tops, take them out . Deglaze the pan with red wine, spoon of red currant jelly, reduce by half. Ansom.
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