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  1. Superb write up and excellent account of your trip. More of the same please!
  2. Yokel Matt

    Roe deer head prep...

    I left a boars head in a feed sack at the bottom of the garden for 6 months... that was pretty damn putrid and yes the flesh fell off with just a shake
  3. Yokel Matt

    A somerset invitation

    Tim’s buck was a murder buck in more ways than one - Here he isTim capes and ready to go - 50lb clean I reckon! Next time you think about pulling the trigger be a little more considerate hey!
  4. Yokel Matt

    A somerset invitation day 2

    Me too - From the look of his teeth he was no spring chicken so I was amazed he didn’t have more sense. Good to have you down mate and glad you’ve gone home happy
  5. Yokel Matt

    A somerset invitation day 2

    Got lucky with that one mate as I don’t know where the hell he came from. The shepherd rotates the sheep every ten days as well so well lucky to see him! Great shot again with the pressure on as he was properly switched onto us and going at the barking.
  6. Yokel Matt

    A somerset invitation

    Couldn’t have worked out better that first buck and it was a good shot off the sticks mate. Tim doesn’t have a pic of his buck so I’ll take one when I cape it later. Very unreasonable of him to shoot suck a big one so far away from the truck!
  7. Yokel Matt

    One-sided malform

    Pretty busy week lined up so literally had an hour this evening to have a quick look out. I wouldn’t have bothered but noticed a buck on the way back from work in the same field that I’d bumped one a couple of weeks back. After dropping my daughter off at Brownies (and getting a few sideways glances in the process) I drove back past the vantage spot and saw that it was still there. Fortunately I could drive right up to the gap in the woodland boundary 5 minutes later the was loaded and stalking in. I nearly bumped a doe that had the same idea but fortunately she didn’t notice me and moved on purposefully once out in the field. Entering the field myself I saw the buck (different to the one I’d seen before) about 140m away but far to near the skyline so I narrowed the distance hoping he’d work his way back. At 70m I got on the sticks and decided to wait him out for the 40 mins I had left. No more than a few mins later he looked very fidgety and I wasn’t sure if he’d caught my scent but next thing I know he was running towards the wood and stopped to meet the doe I’d seen earlier. God bless her! He was plumb broadside and as soon as she was clear from behind him I took him in the chest. With one one eye I the doe I obviously hadn’t noticed he moved to scratch an itch and my shot went straight through shoulder, through his heart, out the other side and then into his head! Needless to say it poleaxed him so no follow up required and I was back in time to do the Brownie collection.
  8. Yokel Matt

    One-sided malform

    Defo bullet mate... a lot of the head was missing on the other side. Not like that biggun you had with a massive hole in its head after the rut a few years back!
  9. Yokel Matt

    One-sided malform

    Just skinned it Rich - no sight of any broken limbs or past issues. Probably an antler injury whilst soft in velvet. Funny looking thing.
  10. Yokel Matt

    One-sided malform

    Not at all mate I’d be the first to admit it doesn’t look great! I wondered what the hell had happened to it when I first got to him!
  11. Yokel Matt

    One-sided malform

    He’d moved his head to itch his shoulder when I chest shot him... I had one eye on the doe behind him and obviously took my eye off what he was doing. As soon as she was clear he got it so it was actually one bullet, four holes. Not exactly best practice but the strike spot was right where I was aiming
  12. Yokel Matt

    i took my good pal for a stalk this morning

    Nice les - not seen them hung like that in a fence to drain before.. Might try that myself
  13. Yokel Matt


    I bought a load of ‘Skin so soft’ spray from Avon following a recommendation from someone on here and it worked very well. I haven’t tried this gadget - do you know if it works for ticks as well?
  14. Yokel Matt

    .410 corvids

    Picked up one of those myself recently- nice work.
  15. Yokel Matt

    A brute

    Spotted some deer in a field on some ground I haven’t visited for a couple of weeks so decided to pop over following a short but freakish. They were in a field that I was able to approach from the cover of a wood and i spotted the candidate buck almost straight away. Unfortunately he was unsafe with houses behind him so I stood and waited hoping he’d work his way left when a risking bank of soft ground would absorb any pass through. He had other ideas and decided to couch only 50m away and I spent 40 mins looking at a perfect back of head shot that I was unable to safely take. At 9:15 I decided to try and force the issue and get him up and barked but he went the wrong way so it was a wasted effort. On the way back down the farm track I spotted a buck way out in a meadow earmarked for hay in a few weeks time. It was pushing 9:30 by this time so I nipped out the truck and put an oak tree between us and scooted over to it. On the sticks at 80m and, bang in the chest, down he went. What a lump though! Head wouldn’t have been too bad we’re it not for the broken tines but weight wise he was well up there going 55lb on the scales (inc head) and 45lb skinned.
  16. Yokel Matt

    A brute

    It’s tough going mate - the coffee machine ran out of beans today... and the air-con was on too high so it was chilly as well.
  17. Yokel Matt

    A brute

    No mate - I did at first but just tend to cut the antlers off below the coronets and chuck them in a box for dog chews. If it was something exceptional I might do.
  18. Yokel Matt

    A brute

    Room for improvement although ribs on both sides were hit and my over-enthusiastic skinning tote the armpit making it look worse than it is. No lead fragments to worry about though which is nice. The RWS factory rounds I used to use made a hell of a mess.
  19. Yokel Matt

    A brute

    Yes mate - 6.5. The hole is the size of a 10p coin so pretty happy with the performance. The heads aren’t cheap at £42 for 50 but it still works out wayyyy better than what I was paying, and getting, from the factory ammo.
  20. Yokel Matt

    A brute

    By the time I got it to the gralloch side it was dark and I’d run out of puff so used truck winch him up into the tree for the suspended gralloch. A bit embarrassing given that it’s only a roe but it was a biggun and I’d forgotten my weetabix that morning. Had a closer look at the head and it’s better than I have it credit for. Also looked at the exit and got to say these Barnes ttsx do just what they say on the tin... you can almost see the shape it cut out.
  21. Yokel Matt

    Early morning start pays off.

    Very nice Owen, both summer coat and clean as well. We must be a few weeks behind over here. Saw a tiddler that small myself yesterday.
  22. Yokel Matt

    Last light buck

    Nice one George. Did better than we did last evening night didn’t he! Speechless we blanked there
  23. Yokel Matt

    Buck opener

    Nice cull buck mate - I know exact where you got him from the description. Bloody poachers round there a brazen as well, remember when we were lamping ourselves out in the field and they lit us up from the road and then carried on scanning the rest of the perm as they drove along!
  24. I had 4 deer in the chiller from previous outing and with no time to process them myself or a dealer local to me was invited up to Tim to use his one. Dropping them off in his larder facility we had a quick look out at a local place where we’d seen a biggun the season before to see if he was still about and maybe look for a cull buck. Chats with the farmer took longer than expected but it worked out well as by the time we got to the most likely spot the deer had lost their early evening inhibitions and were well out in the field, 3 cull bucks and one doe. They were around 150m away but the lay of the field and tall grass made a standing the only option. 100% confident on the quad sticks the first one dropped to the shot and the another one stood long enough for me to traverse over to him and shoot him as well. Whilst over 100m apart from each other they were both paced at exactly 159 strides from the shot spot which was a coincidence. Back to the larder to pick up the others and then to the dealers which was a fair old treck in itself. A 140mile round trip but a great crack, good company and no carcass waste. Cheers again Tim
  25. Yokel Matt

    En route to the dealer

    I though they were a gimmick until I tried them. Total convert now.