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  1. collieman


    Thanks arry never seen that.
  2. collieman


    Thinking about taking up photography what sort of camera would I need for taking action shots, nothing too expensive bulky or complicated.
  3. collieman

    no mole pricing

    No mole no fee.
  4. collieman

    New Arrivals.

    Great looking pups, you can not have too much collie but I am slightly biased.
  5. collieman

    Sticky ferret

    Thanks for all replies and ideas will have the summer to try them and see if there is any improvement next season.
  6. collieman

    Ferret Collar

    Is the old leather collar easy to get out of the locator?
  7. collieman

    Sticky ferret

    No young up here yet just some pregnant does.
  8. collieman

    Sticky ferret

    Yes mate think you are right with there being more rabbits in the hole as there are a lot of rabbits and they are not keen on bolting.just waiting on a locator off evil bay should be here next week. Just have to keep trying she if she comes right like her sister.
  9. collieman

    Sticky ferret

    What sort of treats can you give a ferret? Tried leaving it to come clear of hole but seems that some ferrets just seem to be sulkers and others no problem could be just there personality/temperment.
  10. collieman

    Sticky ferret

    any tips on how to get a ferret that is not keen on coming out of hole back. Got a couple of jills one is fine but the other is a bit more timid and not keen on being picked up when coming out of rabbit hole.
  11. collieman

    Knockerbox v mrk3 m

    Looking to buy a ferret finder not sure which one knockerbox or mrk3m which one do you prefer ?
  12. collieman

    Imbra rabbit traps

    View Advert Imbra rabbit traps 17 imbra rabbit traps all with original pin. £18 each +postage Advertiser collieman Date 11/01/19 Price £18.00 Category Miscellaneous  
  13. collieman

    Imbra rabbit traps


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    17 imbra rabbit traps all with original pin. £18 each +postage


  14. collieman

    New catty

    I have had a couple off a lad on facebook “” catslapper slingshots “well made and seems reliable and genuine.
  15. collieman

    Charnwood multi stove question

    Was it house coal you bought ? If it was google house coal and multifuel stoves.