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  1. collieman

    Bsa ultra

    Took chrono apart today cleaned it and it worked, took 10 readings averaged 703 fps with a range between 698 ang 708 so all good thanks for your input.
  2. collieman

    Bsa ultra

    Well tried to get readings from chrono today not working except saying bad changed batteries secured and alligned chrono up does not even read bad now just ready before and after shot.
  3. collieman

    Bsa ultra

    I will try that tomorrow going out to the rabbits in half hour, did have to turn the rifle upside down to get a reading as the shroud gets in the way otherwise it just reads bad.
  4. collieman

    Bsa ultra

    Was tested with cb625 chrono both times it had been regulated before I bought it by airtech I was told, was checked at 200 bar. The drop at 38 yards corresponds with the same fps speed using the balistic app strelok pro.
  5. Hi guys I have a bsa ultra which had been doing 703 fps using jsb heavies, but today the chrono says 633 anybody got any ideas what might be wrong? Could it be the heat I thought that would have made it faster.
  6. collieman

    rabbit price

    Last pheasant season if you could find a gamedealer to take them pheasants were 5p per bird market has crashed.
  7. collieman

    Shoulder injury

    Just back to work fell tore rotator cuff, minium 3 months off work if you do manual work after surgery which in my case took 5 month wait after accident . 6 weeks in sling and then physio to get your arm working again which it will not do without a lot of excercises. 5 months know since surgery and can do most things I did think will I bother getting surgery but glad I did now.If you can not lift your hand above your head it will probable be a rotator cuff tear.
  8. collieman

    thermal xq38

    I have the xq 50 and a friend has the 38 model very little in them for the extra money, I would get the xq38 if I had to buy again.
  9. collieman

    Frothy white vomit

    Good stuff let us know how you get on
  10. collieman

    Frothy white vomit

    My guess for what it is worth is an obstruction in the gut.
  11. collieman

    Fort William

    Do not forget to take some midge repellant they are real hungary at this time of year smidge is good and smells ok.
  12. Just waiting for my seresto collars to arrive ordered 2 to try them they say it will protect from fleas and ticks for 8 months at £16.50 each that is cheaper than spot on and for spot on to work the tick/ flea has to bite the dog.
  13. Nice write up making me think about going back to springers much less hassle.
  14. collieman

    Another Go With The Ultra

    Good shooting a tidy bag of vermin, what silencer is that on your ultra does it not touch the air cylinder?