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  1. Hello, what do you use for drying your birds off after a days hunting to go into their mews? I’m trying to find a Teflon free hair dryer but can’t seem to get hold of one any suggestions? cheers compo
  2. What do you guys use to treat ticks? Done our first day ferreting last weekend and the ferrets seem to have picked up a few I’ve twisted off the ones I can see but want to put something on them Cheers
  3. Hello, I’m looking for a dispatch spike as a birthday present for a good friend of mine, any suggestions where to look? Cheers, Compo
  4. Cheers I’ll leave them in the freezer for a couple weeks then
  5. I shot a load of feral pigeons with the air rifle yesterday are they okay to feed to my ferrets? I know they are flying rats and carry diseases but if I freeze them first will they be okay? cheers compo
  6. exactly how can a carnivore have too much meat? surely meat/whole prey is better for them than any kibble ? This time of year I limit meat due to the flies but winter they get whole carcasses
  7. My Jill dropped 11 kits 5-6 days ago now down to 8 but she is skinny aswell given the kits everything she’s got i’ve been given her two day old chicks (ideal this time of year due to the flies) each day, aswell as biscuits and then small portion meat aswell each day change it between mince beef/pigeon/chicken wings
  8. Sadly yesterday my Gill died and I’m desperate for two Gill kits to keep my other Gill company. Any information would be great!
  9. Vet wasn’t too sure on what it could have been without doing tests as there are a couple of reasons as to why. treated with antibiotics Incase it was a bacterial infection but unfortunately died that night
  10. Cheers taking it to the vets this afternoon to be on the safe side.
  11. Think my Gill has heat stroke fed them last night and seems fine. Went to clean them out this morning found my Gill very lethargic no use of her back legs. Any suggestions to help her out? Currently got her in an open shoe box in the house where’s it’s nice and cool with fresh water and ice pack underneath the box and the bedding to help slowly bring down.
  12. I worked my old gills until they were about 8-9 just a few little warrens each. They are great for teaching younger ones to hunt and work a Warren so I often used them first with a younger one behind to learn from.
  13. Hello, I have an open back Toyota Hilux with a roll and lock system and I want a weather proof dog box to go in the back so fit my Labrador bitch that will be comfy and warm enough for her, is there such a thing?. Any suggestions would be great. My other option I am considering is taking out my back seats and putting a well build crate in the back. Will I need to buy a bespoke one to fit? Thanks In advance Compo21
  14. Cheers would take the pipe out but it’s needed for them to get up the levels of the hutch might try taking it out for a few days so they move into the box and try again if that fails I’ll try the cardboard box
  15. For some reason my ferrets keep taking all their bedding out of the sleep box taking it all into the pipes through the hutch and sleeping in the pipe. Any ways to stop this happening? Just makes it hard to clean out a 2m pipe when they’ve decided to nest in the middle of it and take the dead pigeons in with them thanks
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