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  1. There was and still is a good few lurchers down off Shadows line in the cork area.
  2. 13 to 16 months a few in company and then single, a handy 1st season and try them hard after that,if its in them they should be doing it all by 2.normally start on rabbits around 8/9 months,get them running and turning.
  3. Hawki I would recommend them,but nothing lasts forever!I think they are about as strong as you would get though.
  4. All trackers garmin or any other are tested on open land or forestries in USA or Europe, the heavy cover we hunt in Ireland and UK would be a shock to the lads over there,the collars aren't designed for that but in fairness the dogtrace seems to last once you tape it.
  5. Well I have 2 years on the collars,2hard years though, they still work but I could see next season killing them,so 3 years but nothing lasts forever, collars 200 each so not too bad
  6. They were never designed for our craic I'd say,they hold up well though, I think they were designed for dogs in open moors and forests In Europe and not glens and furze and thorns.
  7. I find kind of squeeze the collar,its a bad connection, only happening mine recently but they battered to fcuk,if they fail tomorrow at 2 years I can't say much because they are well used,one collar has been on a springer beagle dog on digs lasting hours,I'm surprised it still works but it does,the important thing I think is tape them if your dog is in heavy cover or marking hard.
  8. Do you mean getting the charging light on?I have to kind of twist and press the collar on the charger but the collar is battered from cover but it still charges up fully,but I'd say days are numbered but it is 2 years old and battered from cover and marking
  9. Don't know much about Garmin,but they are twice the price of dogtrace, the dogtrace will lead you to your dogs every time whether they are two hills away or they are marking or even gone to ground, it will bring you to the burrow, I use them on a pack of teagles/springer beagles and I would recommend them 100% and that man in Clare is a pleasure to deal with.
  10. I've mine about 2 years I think and all it ever needed was to be recalibrate a couple of times,its easy to do and instructions in the manual,the batteries very good too in the collars and the box.
  11. Ya I have the x20 dogtrace,as someone else said better to tape the collar to protect it in heavy cover,I've had no problems with mine and I use it a lot but I have it taped.I wouldn't be without it now to be honest.The fella that sells them in Clare I think is a grand guy to deal with as well.
  12. Stoat is stiff as a board,did he just come across him or actually catch him
  13. I think if one flys in fast and you need light fast they are too slow to light up,so I have heard.I never saw one in action
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