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  1. We're about do you live jai ....postcode and directions to the wood would be helpful lol
  2. no worries mate. There's probably some for sale on bird trader..
  3. Is that a half x bull deerhound dai ..looks solid dog that built for the hills
  4. Fell like a sack of shitte lol
  5. Mate mine does them in cast iron slow cocker over night. Meat literally falls off them
  6. Looks nice him NL. Not sure if it's just picture but looks like he has diff shades on his face
  7. What hight it stand at trench 22" on a cold day. 24KG working weight. will run well at less, but burns out very easy I must admit at first mention of a half cross bull whippet that wasn't wat I was expecting to see.....that's a fine looking mutt
  8. I think he's after bigger quarry than hamsters mate.Who said anything about hamsters?Sorry my mistake. With you mentioning pure whippets Apology accepted . Are you saying they are good for bigger quarry than hamsters? Gerbils maybe? Squirrels
  9. Surely a collie whippet or beddy whippet would be more suitable for nocking stuff up in the day.....unless planing on retrievin shot fox...saying that a half x bull whip could throw realy small and bully and lack pace enought to catch much day time Not saying a decent beddy whippet or collie whippet couldn't retrieve a shot fox ..( befor all the beddy and Collie lovers open fire on me ) lol
  10. smart that is. The Perspex front is a good idea......will sav a few kids fingers that are out looking for eggs lol Its so I can film the catch mate.... Good idea. Also saves opening it too see if you have a catch.......when I was younger me and my friends wanders the woods trying find nest and bird boxs to collect the eggs ( things we do when we're young ay ) sure glad I never bumped in to one of them as I would of had my hand in that strait away lol........
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