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  1. I messaged but no reply been about a week mate
  2. Hi mate send you a message have you received it cheers
  3. Great stuff have you bolted many this season
  4. saluki nip


    Bit of a long shot, I had a pointer cross I give to a lad up Berwick from this group around 5 years ago called shadow new he had birds was wondering if any body new of him or if he even still had him
  5. A had him advertised on here a Whole back about 4 pages in if nice dog if any one wants to see pictures
  6. Lives out side and it's ok at recall
  7. Lives out side and it's ok at recall
  8. Go to classified for more info
  9. Yes mate took more to pointer
  10. Pointer deerhound took more to a pointer great for pushing planters never a stops great for flushing has a really good nose really nice temperament got this of a keeper but have not got time for him as im working long hours I want this dog to go to a working home I'm am not giving it away to anyone a good home that I can get feed back from year to year he is around 29 month old good with other dogs havnt reali need stock tested I have been honest with dog so no messers call 07584034844
  11. Pointer deerhound free to good home inbox for details
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