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  1. That's why I don't take fools like you shooting would not piss on you if you was on fire
  2. What you on about mate the trespass law was abolished 4 years ago it's a civil matter now between land owners not a police matter unless its armed trespass then that's a different matter for sure all hunting with dogs is banned don't know were you get your info from
  3. What a load of bolloxs got bored reading all this fruck the keepers they want it all to them selfs keep off my land (try and stop me ) the right to roam comes to mind . And that twat that started this thread as not been back on here after opening it lol a bit of advice to any keeper who likes strutting his stuff there's only one way ----(ALL THE WAY )
  4. 67,000 don't make me laugh there's more about than ever I worked on a vineyard farm for 8 years and could not keep them dirty black and white pigs off the grapes they love them we try most things( bells --electric fence--human hair from barber etc ) nout worked until I was out flying the gos on one weekend and bumped into a very interesting old guy and started chatting about the hawk and just happened to mention the problem we have with piggys on the grapes and low and behold he laughed and said you need diesel ( thinking to myself ) I got petrol car and he told me any gamekeepers or farmer
  5. Don't expect to much from her mate working her to hard to fast will break her heart she will come on in age I've had all sorts of long dogs corseing dogs and made some bad mistakes on my part they will start whimpering behind rabbits and hares if they not experienced enough to catch them and once they start doing that they will always do it she,ll come on in a few months
  6. I'm not saying that your not wrong but with woodies why damage the meat by shooting them in the body the flapping only nerves they are dead a bit of flapping makes no difference I've seen guys shooting all sorts up the backside which is so wrong that's why I shoot on my own and have done for years some of the pics on here are disgraceful with squirrels shoot in the lower side of the body that don't kill them they suffer so for me sorry head shot or no shot that's how I work
  7. A bit mate had guns at 14 now 51 so got a few years under my belt and proud to say never shot anything in the body ever that's so cruel I do a lot of rat shooting now with a hw100 and pard 007 night vison also got the weboly venom sidewinder 2.2 which is not used much anymore may sell yet not sure
  8. Good shooting butty nice to see head shots and dispatched tidy I hate so called hunters shooting things in the body they not hunters well done on you
  9. What a knob you can see why trumps in charge of them lot
  10. Not that good mate can't see any head shots there at all see most body shots Call yourself a hunter there's only one shoot in my eyes a headshot and dispatch them properly that's dam right crazy
  11. It's always good to drop a few names of farmers once you got your first of corse keep at it mate go smart and be polite and try not to go on a Sunday lunch time they don't like being disturbed having there dinner
  12. Hi mate tried to put a post on your 008 but not able don't know why ? I got the 007 on a set of hawke sidewinders works great I rat shoot with it and don't miss a lot all head shots regards phil 

  13. Lol very good mate we fu-k um you eat them waaaaaaaaa
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