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  1. The .22 Hornet seems to perform pretty well with quite a long jump to the lands. factory ammo is relativlly short so 40 gr bullets will be a little closer. I found that the difference in jump made little difference to the accuracy, maybe if you are target loading for absolute precision it might. Load so they fit in the magazine and you should be fine.
  2. Have you sorted it yet? There is no point in zeroing at longer distances unless the rifle is actually on paper. Try at a really short range - 10 yards - or use a large sheet of something as a target. Adjust your scope to the POI and you should be a lot nearer at 50 yards, longer ranges will be a minor adjustment after that.
  3. zacmuh - you need permission, preferably in writing, from the land owner before you can even carry a gun on any land. This includes shooting at targets (cans etc.). It's also a good idea to join a shooting organisation such as BASC or Countryside Alliance, they provide third party insurance for your shooting activities.
  4. I;m not very big and found my 99's trigger a touch too far forward so I got the rasp out and reduced the pistol grip until it fitted my hand, perfect now.
  5. The CZ 452 has a relatively light for-end and can be susceptible to movement. You should check that the barrel is completely floating. Touching the wood at any point will cause poor grouping. Did you shoot your friends rifles or was it them?
  6. It could be the jacketed bullets causing the problem. You might want to try cast lead bullets.
  7. It is generally thought that small pistol primers perform better in the .22 Hornet, I can't remember the exact details of performance but quite a number of American sites recommend them. I used them in my Hornet with no problems at all.
  8. I tried for .22 Hornet, using Red Dot powder I got the speed down to about 1,300 fps but couldn't quite achieve sub sonic. I never got the chance to try Trailboss powder which is supposed to be better, being bulkier. There is quite a lot of info on the "Cast bullits" web site.
  9. It's quite simple. Look at he buyers cert and check he has the authority to acquire what you are selling ( including moderators) and fill in the appropriate spaces on his certificate, serial number as well. Download a transfer form from your local police site, fill out all the details and send of to your Firearms dept. within 7 days. He has to do the same about his acquiring a rifle etc.
  10. I'm afraid you are a bit stuffed now. Whilst it is legitimate to have two rimfires for different purposes, i.e. daytime use and dedicated night vision, you have already told them the reason. I doubt they will wear it if your friend changes his story. Store with an RFD.
  11. Jumping over someones wall and running your dogs is a sure way to find yourself getting the bus home - from the police station !
  12. Modern wood glue is stronger than the wood it holds together. As Abarrett said, dowel and clamp. Properly placed will fix it fine.
  13. You're really getting into this video business, you'll be needing someone to write theme music next ! What struck me was how much your face was visible against the hedge when you took the mask off after the second shot. Shows how useful they are.
  14. It looks fine, see how well it stands up to use.
  15. The one on my Anshutz .22 has been on over a year with no movement or sagging. I enlarge the original split in the piping so it fits over easily without bulging too much.
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