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  1. Pull him up in the toilets tell him you know he's a c**t and your onto him
  2. how close did you breed Jamie?Nephew to auntieThe mother to the hob I used was not line bred for three generations , I know that , as for the Jill I bred I couldn't be sure ,
  3. how close did you breed Jamie? Nephew to auntie
  4. do the apples and carrots deter people's pets from putting there feet in them then
  5. I'm thinking I bred to close and two recessive genes met ,
  6. I can't believe this post, I've really been down past couple days , I bred a litter albino to albino there ruffly same age as your kits , 4 of the 6 have curved spines ??? , one of the ones that doesn't have a curved spine has a prolapsed anus : ( I mean fed the best , and the mother , pheasant rabbit beef mince now n then , gutted here also ,
  7. Try taking a screenshot of the photo if your on mobile then upload that
  8. Try them roasted lovely or make borsht soup very nice , can great them raw onto salads , it's a very versatile veg ,
  9. Well I thought I'd get some stuff started at home as the allotment is rife with pigeons , guess what fecking pigeons have been in me garden ;( grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  10. Very flighty , there like camikazi pilots soon as you go near lol
  11. Put a bowl of water in for the kits to drink
  12. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Premier-Seeds-Direct All seeds germinated well and growing well , so far , all but the f1 sweet corn only half germinated , free postage on over 8 packets, and discount on ten plus ,
  13. If you were only going out and getting twenty rabbits . Makes you wonder how much of a problem they really were , ??? Certainly not in my book , if there's easy prey for foxes , they will catch it , and some of your native wildlife could go the same way as there cousins ,
  14. Warm today heres me old girl chilling
  15. I will have two hobs and a Jill spare ,
  16. I thought there eyes don't open till 5 weeks ?? More or less ?
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