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  1. when i put a sandy hob to a polecat jill unrelated i ended up with 4 sandy 3 pole 3albino so would of thought same with a silver or a black eyed your guna get a percentage of what you want and some one will always prefer the others like i prefer pole colour but might put a silver to my jill this season just to see dont agree with sibling to parent mating myself would you like it wild polecats are solitary and boot there young out
  2. hi all i got a jill a couple of months ago shes a craker but a bit nippy she was the last one to go so she had become a bit ignored by the bloke its not a bite as such any advise on how to kerb this my old ferrets were spot on i could put my finger in there mouths no probs guna breed off her and get the young how i want them do you think she will grow out of this nipp or will it allways be there cheers
  3. best to use screws as well as wood glue and four bits for each corner inside the box for extra strength then if you drop it it wont fall to bits good luck it will keep you warm building it in this weather
  4. to close for me where are you at besides theres tons of lads with ferrets on here probablly only to glad to help you out where are you
  5. yep agree get out n about when i was a lad didnt have ferret collars they were about but a bit expencive any bother used to just send the hob down dont like the hedgerows meself can never tell whats conected to what cant always be choosy best to have a dog save time but saying that just being out there taking it all in is part of what its all about for me
  6. my dog looked like a house the other day took him out for a march and a bit of marking it just fell of him
  7. hi all new on not long got my new jill not had ferrets for 15 plus years lifes setled down now so time was right but my 17 month old terrier is not so keen on this as he has been number one all his life now theres a new kid on the block he knows its not a squirell or a rat i think he just aint in to it i take him down the shed every morning but have to keep hold of him, if they are to become a team it has to work any advise on breaking them i know his age is a factor ,i live in surrey could do with a albino jill as well any spare from last summer black eyed prefferd also come the spring the us
  8. yeh and big lol, went bk on that farm jst before christmas had a gd 50 rats again and we dug about 30 pinkies out, never seen young like that about this time of year thought it would be too cold for them to breed compost heaps and manure piles would provide plenty of warmth to breed
  9. i really dont beleive it sorry if iam rong but theres not 1 mark on the dogs Had 1 with the tykes myself recently mate & not a mark on mine either, so what?? Why would the guy post if it weren't true & why is there always some dickhead that spoils the thread with dickshit replies?? right on could of been week or lame they just cant stop slating plummers, on my plummers pedigree theres working certificates for his lines pre ban way back why would a hunt use them if they were no good
  10. so true you would prob have to move but theres allways conservation of wild birds deer the keeper is becoming a rare creature i went into woodland management instead
  11. hi theres a college in the lake district does really good courses in keeping not sure where google it
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