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  1. jemma_kent

    Air Rifle Help

    Thanks guys. Wondered if I would have to buy a new gun or not. No pet shops sells them near me, I will have to find some online. Hopefully it helps as I don't know what else I'm doing wrong.
  2. jemma_kent

    Air Rifle Help

    Hey,thank you for the replies. It's an Webley AGS Camo rifle. 2nd hand. With a excelvan 3-9x56eg scope. It's spring loaded and I'm using Bisley Pest Control 5.5 mm (.22) and Spitfires .22 pellets. Pest shooting I'm using it for, mainly standing up or sometimes resting on a fence post. I was looking at getting some baracuda hunter extreme pellets or rabbit magnum II As did wonder if was my pellets but one shot is fine the second seems to go else where. My dad's air rifle seems better and I think that's older then me lol
  3. Hey everyone. Having an issue with my air rifle. I decided to see why I'm missing some targets, so set up a cardboard target on some plastic and shot. The first shot went straight through the middle. I reloaded, aimed and shot again. Same spot I was aiming at but the pellet ended up quite a bit below the target onto the plastic. Anyone have any ideas to why? Thank you
  4. jemma_kent

    Newbie Here Needing Advice

    Not sure if I replied as I can't see the reply. I have asked about and no one local owns ferrets or shoots. A few mates have come with me but get bored. The last few days I have been going at different times. Morning just before sun comes up and then again during the day and at night. I know there are 60+ bunnies about but you only see a handful at a time. I did try snaring as was told by landowner to try this. Put 12 down and none went off *sigh* The Warren is between a horse field and a corn field amongst brambles. Also in some sand left over from the sand school. Would a cover on the lamp work? So it's a red beam not a white?
  5. jemma_kent

    Newbie Here Needing Advice

    Hi thank you for your reply. No one near where I am ferrets or hunts have found it hard to find someone to come along as had a few people but they don't want to keep it up. The set is between a bramble hedge row, loads of holes some backing onto a horse field some onto a farmers field. Would it make a difference if I used a red cover on my lamp? As I read up that that can help. Also I hit a rabbit but it managed to run back down its hole, I always aim for the neck or head and always get it 95% of the time. My gun doesn't feel powerful enough sometimes (22 air rifle) one shot is powerful but the next feels like it's not as much
  6. jemma_kent

    Newbie Here Needing Advice

    Hi everyone. I am needing some advice. I have been shooting a few rabbits in a horse field but lately there hasn't been many rabbits about. I might see 2 or 3 if I'm lucky. I have permission in a horse field and their Warren is between a hedgerow, I have ferrets but at the moment not in a financial position to buy a ferret finder. Any tips etc? If I go at night soon as the lamp iis on they run or you get a neighbour dog barking soon as I shoot. Early mornings I might see up to 5 but soon as I get one the rest don't show up again even if I wait an hour or so. Need the bunnies to feed my ferrets, needing help and advice. I can't find no one near me who can help me (Kent uk)