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  1. Hunting is,well hunting.Bullfighting is,well baiting.Each to their own.
  2. Instead of just saying poor dogs lets hear your great dog training wisdom?
  3. Tried the cheap ebay ones.In the end whent with the pac collars well worth the money.Great to see a saluki running back like it wanted too.
  4. Think its you that may have to prove it wasn't a badger?mybe wrong on this,had a few drinks.Singhed for my decree absolute aswell as this!
  5. Think its you that may have to prove it wasn't a badger?
  6. Plenty like that whippets are game as feck
  7. What a awfull x what were you thinking?
  8. Could say the same of a pure whippet
  9. Running yappers on short grass will soon see if there cured.Had it myself with my first lurcher a collie grehound.Any how nice vid good luck with Lass Atb Johnny
  10. He's a credit to you,very nice atb Johnny
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