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  1. Hi all. Looking to get a pup thats not going to be big but capable of catching rabbits and rats from ferreting and smoking. Needs to be agile and quick. Was wondering if anyone has any experience with this breed as i have a plummer terreir and i like the terriers so i think a russ x whippet would be good for me
  2. Also my dad does not have a licence so would i be able to have a licence and a gun without anyone else in my house having a licence
  3. So at 14 i can have a licence with a gun on it but i cannot shoot it unless supervised by someone over 21? And does the person over 21 have to have a licence?
  4. 18. So why can i have a licence at 14 but not use a gun till im 18?
  5. Thank you that was very helpful. At what age can you use a rifle on private land with the owners permission unsupervised
  6. Hi all. Im 14 and looking to apply for a firearms certificate in the future but i have been on various websites and fourums that say you can apply for a firearms certificate at the age of 14 or above. I cannot see this being true but just whanted to check with people who may be familliar with this. Thanks Charlie
  7. Thanks. Ill have to get it sorted. I was just wondering if it was a saftey thing on the gun
  8. Hi guys. I think my air arms s200 may have a air leak. I filled it up last thursday and went out, took five shots. I then whent to use it last friday night and it was empty. Any idears. When i fill it up i can hear the air coming out where the bolt is. Is this a air leak or is it normal??
  9. Thanks guys. I have decided to build my own and i am awiating the camara and other bits to be posted. Cheers cant wait to test it for the first time
  10. I started out using a .22 springer and learned all my marksmanship skill using that aswell as fieldcraft as u need to creep closer than u do with a pcp. Now i have a air arms s200 and shoot everything with that but i still use the springer if my marksmanship fall beyond standard
  11. Hi guys. Does any one have any experiance with night vision scopes or sights. Especially home made ones. Are they any good and are they effective. Thanks
  12. ok thanks. just I wasent sure and I diden whant to ruin my gun by putting to much air in it.
  13. Hi I am 13 and have just brought my first pcp air gun a air arms s200 the booklet says I have to fill it up to 160bar does this mean I need a bottle at 160 or can I get a 232 bar bottle cheers charlie
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