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  1. thanks you meece,. they asked for it on my sg aswell even though id been out many a time with my uncle. I hear what your saying in regards to having it on a fc, this would be some thing I wouldn't want, hence the need for me to gain all the experience I can to show that I wouldn't need to be accompanied hopefully having gain enough experience prior to being issued with a section 1.
  2. hi guys, I now its a long shot but here goes, I'm interested in obtaining my fac, but have very little experience with firearms sec 1, I do hold a S G certificate and have done for the past 7 or so years, and I have had air rifles most of my life. speaking to my FEO I mentioned to him about applying for my sec 1, he said he sees no reason why I couldn't have it but would like me to gain a bit of experience,. so hence the request. I am more than willing to pay for fuel, ammo, also the odd bottle of hows ya father for the help, I'm looking for someone in the Cleveland area if poss, b
  3. cheers guys,. just got to keep plugging away at it never though of the wholesale thing,im a hgv driver and are even thinking of getting a job connected to farming lol, cheers guys for the input much appreciated,
  4. now guys, still looking for permission for, all airgun and shotgun quarry, full basc member own transport anywhere in the north east, 54 years young any help would be greatly apprecated thanks in advance guys,. fingers crossed
  5. perception freedoms, you want go far wrong with one of these bud, atb
  6. cheers fellas, theres a few there to fillter through thanks again atb
  7. cheers si I do like the hw 100 sporter in .22 I no there a bit on the heafty side but I don't plan on hiking about with it, but just wondering if theres anything else out there just as good or even better,. atb bud
  8. ​lol, pcp kt, that's cause I'm a lorry driver and just done my cpc
  9. ok fellas I'm thinking of buying another cpc I did have the hw 100ct in 177, but I'm thinking a sporter .22 this time round, but what others in the .22 range are up there, cheers
  10. cheers rabid, and go for it mate theres nothing to them really
  11. cheers tilleylamp and rabid, its there if ya fancy a weekend winter cod session, or a weekend summer bass fishing
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