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  1. Things are good thanks, was up at trickys shooting in jan, was good to catch up with everyone. Gave dh's dogs some great days there, up behind gallowhill farm, in the gorse & rash, he should say yes, esp at this time of year. They do big days @ the cabrach, ferreting am & walk up pm, shooting 100 ish, sure they'll do training days, money for nothing. Hope alls well, say hello to g
  2. very true on beaters day we were sat having a drink and a couple of the beaters said to me "well that's it Dan,end of a long season" my reply "aye and at the stroke of midnight another f****r starts" So so true fella ..
  3. So the lad at the Pennine would be my il informed guess, lol LL your old boy not fancy it or is he happy with his new venture?
  4. Hardly likely, I'm gay, you should know that better than anyone , sweet cheeks xx
  5. Stop fannying on & spill the beans :-)
  6. You must have been up there visiting the wife les?
  7. Gutted mate , give a shout when your back down home. Can't really say anything that's not been said already. Chin up bud
  8. Only 3 shoots in our country :-) just the way it should be, haha
  9. More fool you for thinking those papers mean your not buying shite, they paper work is no guarantee that the dog you buy is what the paperwork says it is Fake kc papers are more common that Labradors these days!!! The kennel club have f****d up endless breeds over the years, shower of cnuts
  10. If it fits & you can shoot straight with it, it'll be fine. It's all just personal choice
  11. Fao's have GUIDELINES in every force area, seams in my experience its how your fao interperates these, as to how you'll get on..
  12. Gnasher are you really that vein? Actually dont answer that , but you say it's not about having a pretty dog yet you want to kill it because its got a slight abnormality, good job for you & shame for us that your mother didn't think the same.
  13. Given a few bits and bobs to lads, first time Iv paid for anything was nearly a month ago, from a member who has a good rep for selling certain gear & heard nothing, he's not been on since the day I put money through, so my Moto is now buy sod all unless its face to face.
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