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  1. Looking for some Garmin t5 collars for spares. Collars must turn on but not bothered if the get gps signal.
  2. Iv tried loads of different things that had worked for people but nothing has got them going It’s T5 mini’s im having the problem with my 4 working collars are all T5’s.
  3. Yeah could be the case as the cover that we hunt can be really dense with windblow and gorse so could be wear and tear. I just thought it strange that they all went down in such a short period.
  4. Yes working fine 3-4 days a week for over 2 years. Then all of a sudden 4 stopped working over the space of 6 weeks. I bought them from gps4us.
  5. Has anybody found a fix for this problem? I have 8 T5 collars and only 4 are working at the minute. There not getting a gps signal for some reason.
  6. Does anybody know where to get metacam without a prescription? Workingdogmeds.co.uk used to sell it but the site seems to be down for months now.
  7. Sorry to butt into your thread, but i'm also after this book if anyone else has one going?
  8. Hi Ive got a mate who has a couple of dodgy t5 collars, does anybody know anybody that could try and fix these, don't think garmin will be too keen on looking at them as there not legal in the uk.
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a good hunting book preferably about fell packs. Anybody know of any good ones?
  10. I know a lad that was at hollyrood the other night discussing the ins and outs of the reversal of the law and the reason that terriers weren't added was because there was no evedence of tail damage to terriers submitted when all the paper work, basically because everybody that I know who has terriers have them all docked. If the vast majority of terrier boys have their dog docked wheather it be stuff from england etc or they did them anyway, there is very little cases of tail damage so then you don't have any evidence to submit to the government!
  11. Ive just checked and the software on my astro is the latest one, so tried updating the new collars to version 3.00 and still nothing!!
  12. Hi I've been using my astro with 5 collars for 6 months without any bother. Iv just bought another 2 collars, European software just the same as the others, but the new ones aren't tracking, their pairing up but wont track. In the box it says to update the astro to the latest version to get them to work, but Im worried that it'll no longer work in the UK. Has anybody else updated their software? My astro is version 4.41 and new collars 2.60 but old collars are 2.20.
  13. I worked on the estate as a gamekeeper for 6 years where this happened and still keep in touch with the keepers and locals in edmundbyers on a regular basis. None of the locals have mentioned it and I can asure you that 1 of the keepers wasn't atacked at gun point! The bit about a gamekeeper going out on a quad to look for him is an absolute lie! Looks like these pair are at it! Theres a couple of farmers that it could be that gave him permission, all of which I know very well, would love to find out which 1 so I could ask him personally!
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