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  1. Grand weekend following two great packs,,hounds worked brilliantly,,two great huntsmans all in all a awesome weekend..even defeated the anti's on Saturday
  2. Aye do,,I think he should have been about 31-32 then,,must have took some doing,,shows what a hound man he is keeping a pack going at that rate all season,,I'd say the season after was abit quieter
  3. Edmund porter holds the record for a fell pack PK,,,131 old foxes in the 1974/75 season,,would have been great to be about that season.
  4. Lead the way block end..but the thread won't be half as entertaining
  5. Never met the man who's got the job but herd some nice things about from others,,hope he goes well,,he's left a good job behind.
  6. A lot of people on this site bosun think it is though,,they like to keep their own school after all knowledge is power
  7. Edward liddle in my opinion is the best singer I've herd..The lad your your talking about PK singing the Johnny rich song is a lad called Paul byers I think not sure though.Both have true fell song voices.
  8. Oh well we maybe know by the weekend herd they we're interviewing earlier this week.
  9. I echo everything you've said there PK. I've also herd Melbreak huntsman favorite to get. so there might be another fell post opening up before long.
  10. Sad to see.good job up for grabs there.theyll be some clamour for it or they should be.
  11. No I'm not and wouldn't pretend to be,,I went a lot with him In them days though tomo,,it's just opinion why you on your high horse??
  12. Was there tomo pal,,might be abit late but I've been told how to use the net by my grand daughter,,sorry for not being has high tech has some!
  13. Those challenge's we're when blue was 12?? I could have beat him then.
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