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  1. Got no other bushing dog's an mates am into earth dog so taking her oit it is thanks for the replys lads
  2. I got a 9 month old cocker she follows sent but as only saw 1 rabbit in middle of the field that she knocked up but how do I get her going in bushes ect looking for the rabbits I want her to send them out for my lurcher thanks
  3. if you had bothered to ask I know were she came I know her grandmother and grandfather her mother and father its just her mother wasn't kc so she isn't but her mother is still a very good beating bitch
  4. if the was to me mate pups are Ludlow an 1st cross beddy whippet
  5. Thanks dave she training everyday for 10/15 minutes at time and training sessions every month with the trainer got a fair bit to do at moment but by next season she should be spot on roll on next season lol atb Jamie
  6. It would training lurcher pup up a treat haha don't think I could train there again after that tho lol yeah I do know someone will have a word thanks
  7. Thanks wirral around here they very much hedge rabbits very rarely braking cover an o rare occasion they do it's only to run from 1 bush to another
  8. My little cocker pup know what stop whistle means but when she sees game she ignore everything she learnt so of to the trainer Saturday for some help and my lurcher pup is only few weeks old at moment so I got plenty of time to work on training them both uou dogs look well by the way mate bet they knock a few up
  9. Thanks hedge hunter told me same as my trainer need to make sure she don't chase alot more training on her own I think before making them a team Thanks for the help
  10. Looking forward to many happy years with her im she with patients and training she be a good addition to the pack
  11. Im happy with it been wanting 1 for a while now only want to do bit of bushing and ferreting
  12. I just put deposit on beddy whippet bitch pup I want to work her with my cocker that I'm training for beating on shoots do any of you lads use same dog for both job's?
  13. I got a 9 month old cocker that I'm training for beating and I just put a deposit on beddy whippet pup I be using for bushing an ferreting do any of you lad use your gundog for bushing with lurchers as well?
  14. After alot of thinking I have just put deposit on a beddy whippet 1st cross puppy just hope she is as good as her parents
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