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  1. A weasel will use a mole run as well for tunnel too. When I was keeper ing there was a pheasant poult wedged down a mole hole will it's head missing
  2. They have a very sweet tooth. Seriously try jam
  3. http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/325284-rabbit-cages-bloody-mice/?fromsearch=1
  4. Yeah it's good. Last one I done I didn't have to worry about the cat as they killed it when they smoke bombed the house
  5. 4k rento wanted to remove a fox. They wanted to trap it then take it to the vets to get pts. They didn't get get the job.
  6. Its Been about a little while in cambs.
  7. Unlikely that they do moles. Normally that is dealt with by the parishes they will get someone in
  8. Use to go past the pit at manea and then over the Bedford into the Delph. It's a long walk now as the punt has gone. Where abouts are you Green lurchers
  9. The Delph is far better for zander than the old Bedford. Seen many double figures come out of there. I had a few small ones when piking. 16ft can be hit or miss with them
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