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  1. desertdog

    how times have changed

    I grew up hunting through the 70s,80s,90s,im still hunting but my way,the lads I dug with,kept good terriers and running dogs,and bred from the workers,gifted pups to those close so the blood lines were there if needed,as young lads we all had someone to look to if we needed help as such,I don’t dig any more,but I don’t condone those that do,good luck I say,I’m afraid my patience has gone,I can’t sit and listen to bullshitters,and we’ve always had one somewhere,I’m not impressed by someone showing up with a dog smashed up,I’m not looking at the past through rose tinted glasses,I am honoured and proud of the village elders that helped me on my way through my life of hunting,good luck to all out there,and as for books,well I’m sure we all like to read about it,as for some of the authors,good stories,and that’s all,be happy,be lucky,keep the faith,DD,
  2. desertdog

    how times have changed

    Don’t really see anyone these days,tend to hunt on my own,most of my old mates have gone or given up,I’m glad to hear that there’s good uns out there,maybe just not for me,I no longer move in those circles,but I’m happy for those that do,as for getting more,well that’s another story,my family think I should stay in more,not going to happen,keep the faith,DD
  3. desertdog

    how times have changed

    I think with the hunting act coming in,a lot of good lads gave up,no real dog boys coming on,and if they were it were kept quiet,gone are the days when you could say to a few boys we are going for a dig meet you Saturday,i don’t think the quality of working terrier exist like it used to,old boys would meet at a show,not to win a ribbon but to catch up with others,see what pups were about,talk about how young dogs were getting on,the net has a lot to answer for,as old boys I’d look forward to going to a certain show,just to see folks I hadn’t seen all year,yes time has changed.
  4. Up on the leg and snippy heads,bad breeding.
  5. desertdog

    Lurcher Pup

    Can you send details please
  6. desertdog

    Long net set up help

    Never had a problem myself with hazel,just make sure you dry them ,they dry hard,I just replace as needed,not very often,hope that helps.forgot to say I run,100yd& 50yd,both pre set,
  7. desertdog

    Purse Nets

    Yes I can do that ,pm me
  8. desertdog

    Purse Nets

    Spun poly nets,3ft6,per 10-£30,traditional hemp nets,all hand made,£40.00,+ pp,hazel pegs available,£3.00,10,in cambs.
  9. desertdog

    Young Ferrets

    2 polecat hobs,2 white Jill's,from working stock,flesh fed,£10.00ea,in cambs
  10. desertdog

    Bridport Nets ???

    Bridport nets are closed,used to deal with them a lot.
  11. desertdog


    Just signed it
  12. desertdog

    Fox Nets

    Never double knot mine,no need i use the right twine,sometimes I make double peggers,some lads like them,
  13. desertdog

    Bushing Books

    As young uns,we didn't have time to sit and read about it,yes we may have some guidance from the elders,but they had done their bit,there were always seasoned dogs in our pack,so the pups came on with them,at the time you could walk down the road with a few dogs and no one would care,going back 20yr.these days it seems to me some like to look to an author,to me most of them seem to cover things the same,but in their own way,my advice,get yourself some good permission,watch your dogs ,know your ground,and enjoy yourself,take a bit grub,a bottle of water for your dog and a good stick,the game is out there on the field,you make your own rules,enjoy it ,I'm off to have a bash,atb dd