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  1. There will be ring side parking and the show is inside the game fair so you would have to pay into the game fair.
  2. we had our first show at mossblown earlier in the year.and the game fair should be a good venue with plenty to keep the whole family happy .
  3. The kelvin valley lurcher and terrier club will be holding shows on Saturday the 16th and Sundays the 17th of august at the Galloway game fair .the shows will start at 11am with lurcher and terrier racing and a digging competition after the shows around 3pm.This is the only gamefair in Scotland with a show at it this year and we need all the support we can get to help show the sport in a good light. Theres plenty trophs and good qualifiers for the winners. The digging competition will be for teams of 2 the fastest team to dig a hole that a 900mm deep by 650mm square box can fit in wins.there will be plenty entertainment at the game fair to keep the hole family happy.
  4. Gez a call 07769112902 new num gary moran

  5. mbrydenuk

    Jock Tait Memorial Show

    The Russell that won the show would be hard to find a fault with .it might be young and not showing many signs of work , but that could be down to the way the dog works and not something that you can tell at a show.
  6. mbrydenuk

    can anyone help plz [ breeding went wrong ]

    These things happen from time to time, the bitch was a granddaughter to the stud dog .i buried the father to the bitch for the man that owned it a decent sized dog not the greatest dog but done a bit it had a fit and died as well .i think the lads thought that was a one off.until the pups took ill.it can't be nice taking your kids pup to be put down.
  7. mbrydenuk

    can anyone help plz [ breeding went wrong ]

    no mate cant say have u heard of the dog thowing pups with problems like that before red dawn i no the guy that has the bitch its not a dog i would use but it was his choice .he's been left well out of pocket and his young lad is heart broken at loosing his pup.
  8. mbrydenuk

    can anyone help plz [ breeding went wrong ]

    sorry to hear about the pups mate is he still using the dog at stud.
  9. mbrydenuk

    Kelvin valley show

    It looks like its going to be a good for it and hopefully a good turnout aswell.
  10. mbrydenuk

    Terrier lost west lothian

    Hope yous find it mate
  11. mbrydenuk

    jess stolen lakeland bitch

    Nice idea mate a few more of the older stolen dog topics should be bumped up to see if the dogs have surfaced anywhere after the dust settled.
  12. mbrydenuk

    Buster, Ruby and Scarlett.

    How many seasons has the bitch ye own seen and how many digs she had over her now?? Take it its a no comment.
  13. mbrydenuk

    out today

    Well done mate, i like the look of that black dog.
  14. The deerhound gets worked 3 nites a week as a fire guard and the whippets a bricky mate.