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  1. Whats up, i cant do it, so no one else can????
  2. did 108 in the early 80s in caithness, but that was with 2 dogs at that time mcfee the magiceon was doing it regullary the place was stuffed with rabbits then, we took over 1000 in seven days with ferrets nets and dogs,i was in my 20s and fit and had more time to get and keep my dogs fit then. still get some good bags now,but nothing on that scale right ground, right dog, right man ? could be done.
  3. any pics!!!!!!! im not being funny mate but 108 is a bit hard to believe! why is that ?? because your ground dont hold such numbers?? this pic was a few years ago, the dog on the right is retired and didnt take part, could have caught the same with two, that night we just happened to take two each all bull cross dogs too is that 92 or 93? Finally manged to route out two old photos from Caithness it was acctually 23 years ago we were there for a week taking nearly 1000 rabbits in the week, the colour photo was our first nights lamping and the black and white one was a morni
  4. rabbits and hares can catch orf from sheep which causes blistering around the lips andhead and will kill them
  5. we once took 108 bunnies in 1 night with 2 dogs,but that was in Caithness 20 years ago.
  6. well said steve, we are proffessional people doing a proffessional job, we are not here to cause unnessesary suffering.
  7. who said alt-f4 i had to start again(im new to all this!).
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