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  1. http://youtu.be/LeoHXfrRyFY one of me mates took this while on his lunch,, eastpoint fox
  2. nice one lads nice tidy wheaten bitch. fairplay E good days sport..
  3. fine strong pups danny best luck with them
  4. nice big fox but think theres terrier for every fox ,,,
  5. was at last years good show weather was good hope for the same
  6. Too big to go to ground,BULLSHIT,i have one here bullxpatt,halfx and he is smaller than the patts i have or most i have seen.Plenty on here know the dog and have seen him work,will stay to the death,great finder and does not get pushed around.I can remember a time long before the black dogs were brought into this country the russells and bullxrussells of every percentage were the main diging dogs,also matthews 88 i have seen a hell of a lot of small terriers that did not want to go to ground and it was not there size that was stoping them. its the pit x terrier that dont fit to ground but
  7. good many years digging!!!!how manys that sure u said your only 33 fm? no?
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